A ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Blunder You Have To See To Believe [Video]

You can almost feel the collective face-palm that followed this Wheel of Fortune fail. A contestant named Tara from Ohio appeared to have the puzzle solved. The Wheel of Fortune clue was characters, and the answer was pretty much there. At least for anyone remotely familiar with the characters from the Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Even if you can’t name them all, it’s very unusual to find someone presented with them practically spelled out who cannot simply read their names off.

But then there’s Tara, who took probably the easiest Wheel of Fortune puzzle in some time and missed it in a rather embarrassing fashion. What makes it so frustrating for bewildered viewers is that Tara was doing great! She had Bashful, Dopey, Doc, Grumpy, and Happy. But instead of going with Sneezy, the Wheel of Fortune contestant gave the world an entirely new Dwarf: “Sneeky”!

This clip is amazing for a couple of different reasons. First because the guess was so blatantly incorrect, it inspires an audible, “No!” from a member of the audience. Second, because well, sneaky has an “a” in it. Oops. Poor Tara can only stand and watch helplessly as her competition on Wheel of Fortune collects $5,000 after solving the puzzle with all seven of the correctly named Dwarfs.

For the record, this isn’t the only time that the Seven Dwarfs have caused a hilarious moment on a popular game show. On Family Feud, two men were asked to name a Dwarf that would describe their wife in bed.

The two men blatantly refused to answer, both shaking their head as the audience laughed. Finally, one of the men gave an answer “just to get on the board, suggesting Bashful. It was up there. The other man stood loyal to (or in fear of) his wife, not giving an answer. Host Steve Harvey said that you could tell that the game “meant nothing” to the husband so much as staying on his wife’s good side.

As for Tara, perhaps she can learn a few things from the man who recently solved a Wheel of Fortune puzzle with only one letter. The amazing feat stunned host Pat Sajak and the audience for an entirely different reason, and was one of the more epic moments on the show.

These incidents probably explain why TV viewers continue to tune into Wheel of Fortune each week; you never know when someone is going to do something amazing or give an answer so cringe-worthy, it goes viral.

[Image Credit: Wheel of Fortune]