Alabama Man Arrested For Robbing 93-Year-Old Grandmother, Pouring Rubbing Alcohol Down Her Throat, And Repeatedly Punching Her In Face

Angelica N. Sumter

An Alabama man was arrested Thursday for not only robbing his own 93-year-old grandmother, but also punching her in the face and pouring rubbing alcohol down her throat, says Chief Deputy Randy Christian.

According to Huffington Post, Jefferson County police responded to a call at an emergency room at UAB West regarding an assault of an elderly woman whose name has not been released.

Upon police arrival, they learned that the assault took place at her home in the early morning, and the incident involved her grandson.

She told police that as she was walking out of her bathroom at 6:30 a.m., she saw a man with a mask covering his face standing in her hallway. She asked him what he wanted and he immediately asked for money. When she told the man that she didn't know where her wallet was, he began to attack her.

He grabbed her by her neck and slung her to the floor where he punched her in the face several times as he continued to ask for money. When he didn't get the answer he was hoping for, he poured rubbing alcohol down her throat as a result.

The masked man was later identified as the victim's grandson, 21-year-old Richard Alexander Coleman, who often lived with her. According to his cousin, Forris Colston, "They didn't have any kind of falling out that I'm aware of" that would make the suspect want to harm her.

Sources say Coleman fled the scene with $200 in hand.

It has yet to be reported how Alabama police tracked down the suspect, or if the victim even knew it was her grandson during the attack.

Christian spoke with Alabama 13 about the incident.

"The people that see this story, it will shock their conscience. I'm sure everyone that sees this story will be shocked that someone could be sorry and low enough to do something like that to a 93-year-old woman. No doubt there is a special place reserved for people capable of that. In fact I'm counting on it."

Prior to those charges, Coleman had already been indicted in January for a slew of theft charges that came about in 2014 which involved another victim.

Apparently, Coleman had withdrawn money from the unknown victim's debit card, which was an aggregate of $3,500 and charged an additional $1,800 from the same debit card.

He is currently awaiting trial for those charges.

Coleman is currently being held at the county jail for robbing his grandmother, repeatedly punching her in the face, and pouring alcohol down her throat.

His bond is set at $620,000.

[Image Courtesy of Keith Allison/Flickr]