A simple reason why Twitter search won’t be a money maker

The scramble is on in the blogosphere to try and figure out just how Twitter is going to make money following some recent statements by Todd Dagres, a VC with Sparks Capital which is a recent investor in Twitter. It is this type of rampant speculation that has Ryan Tate over at Valleywag suggesting that Twitter may find profit from news where it has eluded the actual publishers of the news.

Ryan reports on suggestions that in light of Twitter's purchase of Summize in order to incorporate it's search engine into Twitter; and given how Twitter is now the go to place to find out what is happening in the news, that Twitter could be looking to sell keyword ads on its search results page. Granted he is right about Twitter being the hot news source as has been proved recently with the Flight 1549 crash but he isn't so sure about the success of search results ad.

Like Ryan points and I agree totally the chance of Twitter being able to make money from keyword search would be slim to none. It boils down to this – when people are searching for news they aren't search for flights to get to that news or the price of hotel rooms in the cities where the news is happening. No – they are only searching for one thing – more news.

And they pay these guys the big bucks with ideas like this to show for all that money?

Damn I'm in the wrong business.