WWE News: John Cena Wanted To Turn Heel Five Years Ago, According To Longtime Friend

When the WWE historians start on the chapter involving John Cena, they will analyze a few things. Cena, at the moment, is a 15-time WWE champion. He’s conquered the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, countless WrestleMania main events, and even a Survivor Series traditional tag-team match victory. Right now, the only thing left to do is beat Ric Flair’s record-number of WWE titles.

For some in the WWE Universe, there’s one thing that Cena never did in his time in WWE. On a weekly basis, WWE fans want Cena to turn heel. On top of the numerous reasons why it will never happen, Cena has said countless times that he will not turn heel. It’s starting to be a running joke with fans from the internet, as he literally turns his heel to mess with the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC).

Last August, Cena was quoted as saying that he would never turn heel. There’s no doubt that Cena has it in him, but the WWE officials will not pull the trigger. The real question is, did John Cena ever want to turn heel? According to Wrestling Inc, there was a time when Cena wanted to turn heel.

“Boston rap artist Esoteric appeared on The Asked Show this week to promote his upcoming Czarface 2 album. During the interview, Esoteric was asked about his longtime friendship with John Cena. Esoteric, who appeared on Cena’s rap album in 2005, mentioned that John Cena fought for a heel turn about 5 years ago. Esoteric says he helped Cena write the angle, which would have seen Cena return to his Dr. of Thuganomics battle rap persona.”

Also included in the report was the fact that WWE management shot down the angle. It is very understandable why WWE doesn’t want John Cena to go to the dark side. He is No.1 in merchandise for the company, the top guy for Make-A-Wish and consistently wins over the younger demographic.

Unless Roman Reigns has an even bigger meteoric rise with the children in the next few years, Cena will be the man to never fully turn heel. Cena’s Doctor of Thuganomics gimmick wasn’t fully heel like Randy Orton or Batista were. His situation is very delicate, which includes the children. WWE is still a PG show, so turning their top guy is a bit scary.

WWE is about appeasing the fans, which is their job. They do that very well at times. WWE also has to appease the board of directors and stockholders. Given that WWE is a publicly-traded company, if stockholders don’t like what they see, they’ll sell. For example, if another steroid ring comes to light, then WWE will face a big problem. Hopefully, that never happens.

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