Jess Impiazzi Is Very Revealing At Her Birthday Party

Jess Impiazzi had no problem celebrating her birthday walking around London’s West End in a super cheap dress that hardly covered her body. Saturday night, Jess was photographed arriving, attending, and leaving the Café de Paris wearing a skin-tight, black dress she bought at ASOS.

Jess Impiazzi At London's Cafe de Paris
Her figure hugging dress had a very low neckline showing off her ample chest. (Photo courtesy of Rowen Lawrence/FameFlynet)

Jess wore a sexy black dress exposing most of her figure, hardly covering the upper part of her body and legs. The Ex On The Beach television personality didn’t skimp out on using mascara either. She wore long eyelashes and a lot of black eye-liner. Impiazzi accentuated her body with her long brown hair curled in waves down her back and along her shoulders.

Jess Impiazzi Poses
Jess Impiazzi Poses For Photographers (PHoto courtesy of FlameFlynet)

Impiazzi seemed to enjoy turning people’s heads as she celebrated her birthday with MTV costar Rogan O’Connor and other cast members of the reality show, including former British Top Model, Anita Kaushik, and Kayleigh Morris.

In a previous telecast of Ex On The Beach, Jess vowed she would never go near Rogan, her ex-boyfriend and man who caused the most drama for the attractive television star. Yet, after Rogan kissed another girl at her birthday party, Jess didn’t seem to mind too much when reporters took pictures of her and Rogan with his hand on her behind.

The Daily Mail reported Jess Impiazzi’s birthday is actually March 9; however, the buxom TV personality wanted to celebrate Saturday night and spend her actual birthday in a quieter and more relaxing atmosphere.

A birthday cake was brought out for Jess and her cast members to partake of as the party went on into the night.

Ex On The Beach Birthday Party For Jess Impiazzi
Jess was presented with an MTV themed birthday cake for the group to share.

Based on a twitter post by Jess, it’s looks as though she partied throughout the night. She revealed in her post that she was experiencing a hangover and finds it very upsetting.

Impiazzi Walking In The West End
Reality TV star Jess Impiazzi chose a very revealing skintight black dress for her birthday celebrations on Saturday night in London.

Jess Impiazzi hardly ever wears a dress. The 25-year-old is seen in a bikini in most episodes of the Ex On The Beach. It was a very rare occasion to see the television reality star and bombshell walking down the London streets wearing a skin-tight, black dress, high heel sandals with black straps, exposing her tanned bronze upper body and legs.

Jess also showed off her ample chest wearing her dress with an extremely low neckline. The dress was also split down the middle revealing her long and tanned legs.

Jess Is Bored With Dating Idiots
Jess says she's 'bored of dating idiots' (Photo courtesy of Ebele/FameFlynet)

It looks as though Jess had a great time celebrating her upcoming birthday. Her fans are wondering what Jess Impiazzi will be doing when her 26th birthday arrives on Monday.