Beaver Falls Biker Brawl Shocks Small Town: Police Search For Men Involved In Violent Fight

A Beaver Falls biker brawl video is going viral this weekend after Pennsylvania police released footage of the incident that took place on January 31, according to WPXI. A surveillance camera near the Evergreen Café caught the biker brawl footage, and it is being reported that more than two dozen people were involved in the fight between two rival biker gangs.

The brawl shocked residents of the town when it happened back on January 31, and the local police have been trying to find everyone involved in the melee.

The Beaver County Police revealed that the fight involved The War Dogs and The Rebels, and it was reported that the fight broke out after one of the gangs found out that members of the other gang were at a bar just a block away. The brawl started with those involved punching and kicking, but it quickly escalated to more violent behavior.

Sgt. Thomas Lococo spoke about the incident with WPXI.

“It’s pretty disturbing, and it’s something we’re not typically used to. During the daytime, had this occurred, there would have been customers in and out of that grocery store.”

Lococo also revealed more to WTAE.

“Our investigation determined that several people were assaulted physically. Two people did receive wounds from gunshots and one person was stabbed.”

The shocking brawl footage shows the fight in graphic detail. Several arrests have been made, but the cops are still looking to arrest more once they are identified. They are now asking the public’s help in identifying anyone from the video.

Lococo stated that he spent many hours studying the footage himself in order to discover the identities of the people involved, and he is now at a loss. He realized he needed outside help.

According to New York Daily News, four arrests have been made in the brawl, there are currently six more warrants pending.

This is not the first brawl involving biker gangs in the area. Last fall, a brawl involving 35 people took place. In that incident, one man was wielding a hammer.

With cameras being placed in more locations, footage like this brawl is becoming more common. Police are able to use the footage to make arrests and bring people to justice. The Inquisitr reported recently on another melee caught on video in a Bronx deli.

That incident involved seven suspects, and they managed to leave the scene without being caught. The fight in that incident spilled out onto the sidewalk.

“The video shows one victim getting attacked by the group after he had exchanged words with one of the suspects. A woman can seen picking up a metal display rack and repeatedly smashing it into the man’s body. The victim was held by suspects as others punched and attacked him as they moved throughout the store. Two of the male suspects appear to sucker punch one victim in the head and side.”

The seven suspects, two females and five males, left the scene with two cell phones and $60. The incident did not start as a robbery. It is not known what the group started to fight about at the Bronx location.

What do you think of the shocking Beaver Falls biker brawl footage?

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]