‘India’s Daughter’ Full Movie Gains Views On YouTube, Vimeo As Banned Film Shown On BBC [Video]

The movie titled India’s Daughter is still gaining plenty of views on video-sharing platforms, where the full documentary can still be seen, even after being banned by India’s government.

For example, this video on Vimeo, titled “BBC Delhi Nirbhaya Documentary full BBC India’s Daughter HD,” is gaining views and comments after the hour-long movie was posted on Friday, amid much controversy over the film. That’s because one of the men convicted of the rape and murder of 23-year-old Jyoti Singh is interviewed in the documentary, and he has the audacity to blame the victim for her own rape and murder, as reported by the Hindu.

BBC Delhi Nirbhaya Documentary full BBC India's Daughter HD from AwaitNews on Vimeo.

The same publication also points to what a hit the India’s Daughter documentary has become on YouTube in spite of the ban of the film in India. The Hindu reports that views of India’s Daughter on YouTube in India came with high interest, with one link to the film on YouTube growing in leaps and bounds — reporting one YouTube video of the movie growing from 47,789 views to 49,956 in only 30 minutes. Another YouTube video of India’s Daughter enjoyed nearly 100,000 views.

It was convicted murderer and rapist Mukesh Singh, as reported by the Inquisitr, who speaks in Leslee Udwin’s, documentary. Singh caused outrage for blaming Jyoti for being out late at night after she boarded the bus subsequent to seeing a movie with her friend.

The intense film opens with the parents of Singh talking about the joy and light that Jyoti represented in their lives before she boarded a bus with a male friend in 2012. Sadly, she became a Delhi gang rape victim when men aboard the moving bus beat her male companion and raped and killed Singh. Even the defense lawyer for the convicted men sounds archaic when speaking of a woman being a delicate flower that needs to be protected and compares a man to a thorn, whilst claiming some flowers should be worshipped and others reside in the gutter.

Jyoti’s ambitions to become a doctor and offer a hospital to residents near her hometown shine throughout India’s Daughter, along with their traditional yet progressive insights that urged them to sell their land in order to see their daughter’s dreams of becoming a doctor realized. Their actions were in spite of those around them who wondered why folks would pour so much love and attention into a woman instead of a man.

With the India’s Daughter film provoking such impassioned protests for equality for women, the movie has highlighted how far India needs to come in realizing that females are equal citizens.

[Image via India’s Daughter documentary]