Jihadi John Apologizes For ‘Problems’ His Identity Reveal Has Caused Family, But Not For Beheading Hostages

It appears that Jihadi John, who had his identity revealed as Mohammed Emwazi, has reached out to his family through a third-party messenger from Syria to apologize for the shame he has brought upon his family as they are forced to go into hiding. However, there is no mention of an apology for beheading hostages, which included two British aide workers.

The New York Post reports that Jihadi John, aka Mohammed Emwazi, has reached out to his family in a letter. The letter notes that Mohammed is sorry for the “problems and trouble the revelation of his identity has caused” to his family. However, nowhere in the letter does Mohammed say he regrets his conversion to the Islamic State or that he is sorry for beheading numerous hostages.

Jihadi John was a former computer programmer who lived in London with his family after they sought refuge in Great Britain from Kuwait. Emwazi later joined ISIS and proceeded to behead two people from the very region that offered him refuge during his time of need: two British aide workers.

After Mohammed’s identity was revealed, the Emwazi family, still residing in London, was forced to go into hiding. The Daily Mail notes that Mohammed’s mother and at least four siblings are being guarded by police in London. Meanwhile, his father and one sibling are back in Kuwait.

Many are noting the extreme expense the Emwazi family has caused London, including police guard fees and payments for hotels for the family’s safety. It is reported that the Emwazi family, whose son is responsible for killing at least two British ISIS hostages, is responsible for costing the British tax-payer up to £400,000 — which is over $600,000 in the U.S. — in the 20 years they have lived in the UK.

After Jihadi John’s identity was revealed, his father called him a “dog” and said he has caused an extreme “catastrophe” for the family. His father says he can’t even go to the mosque and pray due to the shame he feels over his son’s bad deeds. A family friend notes that the father now prays at home and rarely leaves its confines.

“He is sitting home and cannot even go to the mosque to pray because he is ashamed of his son. He doesn’t want people to see him, so he is praying at home.”

What do you think about the British taxpayers footing the bill to protect Mohammed Emwazi’s family after the Jihadi John identity reveal? What steps should the British government take to reduce the burden?