Kendra Sunderland: Library Adult Video Star Tells Playboy Why She Did It — Poses For New Photos

Kendra Sunderland, who achieved instant internet fame in January as the adult video star “Library Girl,” is making good on her promise to seek other business opportunities by posing for a racy Playboy Magazine photo spread and telling the behind-the-scenes story of her infamous library video to the magazine’s YouTube Channel.

The 19-year-old former Oregon State University student worked as a webcam girl for an online cam site, which offers women a chance to earn money by exposing themselves live online, and performing sex acts requested by viewers who communicate via internet chat rooms.

She has said in earlier interviews that she took to the webcam site after being unsuccessful in her attempt to land a waitressing job.

Playboy released two videos last week of Kendra Sunderland, in advance of her nude photo spread in the magazine. Though the videos are basically PG-13 and neither would classify as NSFW, — that is, not safe for work — they are each slightly risqué and therefore the Inquisitr will only link to each video rather than display them on this page.

Kendra Sunderland Playboy video
Kendra Sunderland, in a behind-the scenes video of her Playboy Magazine photo shoot.

The video of Kendra Sunderland telling the story of her library video can be seen at this link, and a behind-the-scenes video of her Playboy shoot, though with no explicit nudity, is available at this link.

In one of her two new Playboy videos, Sunderland explains that when she started working for the site, she would stage her online shows from her dorm room when her roommates were either not home or soundly asleep. She says that she quickly began earning $150 for each hour she spent exposing herself on a live webcam.

“However, somebody told me I could make a lot more money and have a lot more viewers if I was in a public place,” she explains in one of the Playboy videos.

The public place she chose was a university library on the Oregon State campus.

“I found a perfect spot in the library away from everybody and decided to give my viewers a show like I always do,” she says in the Playboy video. “I was super excited and as I think you can see in the video, I was really into it. I thought it was exciting and, you know, fun to be in a public place.”

Sunderland says that her so called study session lasted two hours and she earned $700 for her performance.

But while webcam sessions are not intended to be permanent, she says that a viewer captured video of her library show and posted in to a popular adult site, where she was immediately recognized — even by Oregon State professors.

The above video contains unedited footage of Kendra Sunderland giving an interview to local TV station KEZI, in which she explains her story in even greater detail, including her ambition to appear in Playboy and other magazines.

[Images: Playboy YouTube Channel Screen Grab]