Ipad Air 2 Has Been On A Diet, Showcasing A Slender Supermodel Version

The longstanding gold rush for upgraded Apple products continues as clamoring fans drool for the new slimmer iPad Air 2.

“So capable, you won’t want to put it down. So thin and light, you won’t have to,” states the new Apple Inc. strap line for the iPad Air 2.

Like a supermodel the iPad pedigree lets the Air 2 coast along, promoting only the aesthetics whilst other super brands introduce endless improvements and upgrades, continuing to jostle for a market position.

Mitch Joel recently described in his “Bold Talk – CTRL + ALT + Del” that the writing is on the wall for any business that sell anything. “We are entering the one screen world” where interconnected customers view and interact with their world through a single screen.

The statistics also backup this idea of a one screen world with a 15 percent drop in the sale of personal computers this year whilst the purchase of mobile devices and more importantly the installation and use of applications grows over the 1.7 billion mark.

With a sense of the usual Apple Inc. confidence, the iPad Air 2 stands up to this one screen world notion, boasting a 64-bit architecture, 2.5 times faster graphics, 40 percent faster CPU, and up to a 10 hour battery life.

“In fact, with its 64-bit desktop-class architecture, iPad Air 2 is as powerful as many personal computers.”

The 10 hour battery life makes it efficient, allowing you to work, surf and play for most of the day.

In addition to its leggy appeal, the technology is also packed tight with “two amazing cameras. Cleverly disguised as an iPad.” Advanced optics ensure the Apple Inc. iSight camera can take breathtaking panoramas, create time lapse video like a professional and play back in slow motion. The overall outcome is that all your media will look that little bit more vogue.

A last glance over the shoulder at the end of the runway and in addition to the leggy appeal and nipped in waist. There is a powerful WIFI upgrade, meaning less is more with reduced buffering for the users of the iPad Air 2.

So this supermodel version of the iPad Air may not be the awaited model for iPad Pro, as rumoured and reviewed on Macworld. However, Apple Inc. makes the most of its ravenous consumer base, having built the most loyal tribe imaginable, who willingly worships at the altar of the Apple with a little bite.

[Credit: Daniel Zuchnik /Getty Images]