John Lennon: His Legacy Lives On Through His Art, Images, And Words

John Lennon's legacy will forever live on in the the hearts and minds of his devoted family, friends, and fans. His passions, escapades, and activism are quite alive, though, and housed beautifully in his music, art, and photographs that are still on display to this day.

A recent discovery does have the music and art world in a bit of a fuss. A former photographer has found a 36-roll of negatives that were taken during John Lennon and Yoko Ono's week long bed-in at Montreal's historic Queen Elizabeth hotel in 1969.

The CBC reports that John Urban found the negatives while looking through some of his older work, hoping to find a picture of an ice sculpture he once took. Never did he imagine he'd come across such a collection of pictures that he did not actually take himself, and has no clue who did.

Urban states that the pictures of John and Yoko may have been taken by his former room mate, Frank Antonsen, who Urban assumed borrowed the camera to take the pictures and then left the roll behind. Yet when contacted about the negatives, Antonsen states that he actually never took a camera with him for the bed-in.

While he was present, Antonsen states he only brought a tape recorder, yet he believes that it's possible the photographer that accompanied him, Nathan Wolkowitz, may have taken the shots. Wolkowitz has since passed so it's nearly impossible to confirm if he was the photographer.

Although Urban is searching for the owner, if none can be found, then the negatives will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be split between the New Democratic Party and Amnesty International.

Other pictures of John Lennon are also up for sale, these ones drawn by the legend himself.

The Art Of John Lennon will be featured at a gallery in Houston, TX at the end of March. The gallery will be selling replicas of Lennon's art, that are from rare archived sketches. As reported by Your Houston News, Collection Curator, Lynne Clifford, a noted authority on the works of John Lennon, will be present to answer questions and delve into the history behind the artwork collection.

Not one to leave a stone un-turned, Seth Rogen and James Franco poked a little fun at Lennon and Ono's expense with their version of the iconic Rolling Stone Magazine cover that featured Lennon and Ono in a candid pose. The single Instagram pic, as reported by the Inquisitr, was first released back in December during an SNL monologue being performed my Franco himself. The picture was meant to be in good fun, and drew both laughs and criticisms from fans.

[Image courtesy of The Telegraph]