Check Out John Stamos’ Sneaky Shot Of People Checking Out The Full House House (And Not Noticing Him)

If you haven’t yet seen the image John Stamos shared on his Instagram of a group of young folks checking out the Full House set, apparently without noticing that Uncle Jesse himself is standing right behind him, it’s time to check this out. Stamos was having a social media blast that day, it seems, and must’ve decided it would be fun to pull a prank and photobomb some young fans.

John Stamos was having a good Twitter day. He took down a fan (consider that term used quite loosely) who messaged him just to say “f— you and your yogurt commercials,” shared a photo of his dog and his guitar, and went for the big one with this photo that was almost guaranteed to go viral.

John Stamos prank is wild!

“Boy, these youngsters have 0.0 idea what they’re missing. #Fullhousehouse. #TURNAROUND.”

Of course, this is no selfie — clearly someone who was with Stamos took the shot, and he isn’t exactly acting casual and nonchalant. Throw in some passers-by who seem so absorbed in the Full House house that they not only don’t notice John Stamos is there, they go on not noticing long enough for him to, presumably, whisper a message to his photographer, and set up the shot, and it becomes hard not to wonder if the image was staged.

Did John Stamos really time a quick photo op so perfectly that he caught the second couple just as they began to approach the house and turn to gaze upon it or was it a planned shoot? Was Stamos just in the area, coincidentally walking past the Full House set, where he spent large portions of his time for seven years of his life, saw some lookie-loos hanging out, and decided to play a game? Maybe, but one can’t help but wonder.

If it’s really a prank pulled on some unsuspecting sight-seers, then sooner or later, they’re apt to see the photo and come forward — when a friend says, “Hey, this looks like you — are you the guy John Stamos pranked?” If that happens, some Full House fans are really going to be kicking themselves. (Hopefully, if that’s the case, Stamos will find a way to make it up to them!)

If not, it’s still a great shot, and a great story. Do you think John Stamos pulled off the ultimate prank, or do you think this was staged?