Will Apple Finally Add Retina Display To Macbook Air in 2015?

Apple has updated most of its computers with the retina display technology in recent years. Most recently, the iMac got an upgrade of a Retina 5K display leaving the Macbook Air as the only apple computer without the sought after technology. Now, the Wall Street Journal reports, that upgrades are indeed coming to the Macbook Air.

Currently, the Macbook Air comes is two sizes, 11-inch and 13-inch displays. Reportedly, the new Macbook Air is a 12-inch model, information that is considered to be just a sampling of what Apple has in store for the 2015 Macbook Air. Information written in The Michael Report suggest that not only will the new Macbook Air contain the Retina display technology, but Apple plans to show it off at Apple’s unveiling event on March 9.

There have also been rumors circulating that the new Macbook Air will run on Intel’s new Broadwell Core M low-power processor, which would highly boost the battery life of the Air line laptops. The new Air will also reportedly get what Apple refers to as “Macbook Stealth” upgrades which involve getting rid of the normal sized USB ports, SD card slot, and MagSafe connectors. Making all the rumors credible, Apple has reportedly stopped restocking the Air and advised sellers to lower the prices on existing models.

Recently, photos or the supposed 12-inch Macbook Air have shown up in blogs. A Taiwanese website Apple Club suggests that a TouchID fingerprint scanner may be added to the Macbook Air just above the mouse pad. Another blog, iFanR in China showed a leaked photo of the 2015 Macbook Air with a much slimmer chassis that could not possibly hold the average sizes USB ports. Perhaps discrediting these supposed leaks, it is a known fact that the Mac logo on the Macbook has the polished look in order to shield a chassis. As the leaked photos of the new Macbook Air still have the translucent logo, it is a possibility that the leaked photos are fabricated.

So far, there is no known release date for the new Macbook Air with or without the Retina display. It has been estimated that the product could release in the second quarter, giving anticipating shipping dates between April and June of 2015. April is unlikely, as the Apple Watch event will be occurring and unveiling of a completely different product during that time is simply non-sensible. Instead, it is believed that the glimpse of the new Macbook Air will occur tomorrow March 9 and the full unveiling will occur at the WWDC in June.

Image via [MuyMac]