Sarah Stage Baby Bump Backlash: Is She Starving To Stay Model-Thin Despite Being Eight Months Pregnant? [Photos]

Supermodel Sarah Stage is shocking fans by displaying a barely-there baby bump even though she’s eight months pregnant. Known for her career modeling the latest in lingerie, Sarah also has used Instagram to show the almost-invisible progress of her pregnancy, and some fans are now expressing concern, reports E News.

Responses have ranged from being witty to being worried on the 30-year-old’s Instagram page.

“Being thoughtful is free. @EliteModelLA Model. Mama to Be,” Sarah wrote for her Instagram caption.

But while some of her followers joked that it looked like a pizza food bump, others fretted that she was endangering her unborn baby by staying so thin.

Supermodel Sarah Stage has a barely-there baby bump.
At eight months pregnant, Sarah Stage has received a backlash for her tiny baby bump from her supermodel followers.

“I legit look like this right now after eating a bowl of soup.”

“She needs to feed that baby instead of worrying how to keep her figure.”

“Is this real life?”


Meanwhile, Sarah herself responded to the flurry of fretting with her own post.

Sarah Stage responds to baby bump backlash.
Sarah Stage responds to baby bump backlash.

However, that declaration of independence also resulted in some flames.

“A real women [sic] is a responsible mother and follows doctors orders. As a woman starting out at a low BMI- a weight gain of 30-40 lbs is recommended. Lack of proper nourishment can lead to not only physical but several mental ailments for the baby including learning disabilities.”

Sarah also has made it clear that she is exercising diligently throughout her pregnancy. And some of her fans defended her.

Sarah Stage has a tiny baby bump and works out.
Sarah Stage has a tiny baby bump, working out throughout her pregnancy.

“She works hard for her body and it’s paying off,” posted one.

So just how much weight should a pregnant woman gain? If a woman’s pre-pregnancy weight is healthy, she should gain 25 to 35 pounds, according to the Baby Center.

Women who are underweight are expected to gain more, between 28 to 40 pounds. But to determine whether someone such as Sarah was underweight to begin with, most physicians use the CDC’s BMI as the indicator.

Meanwhile, Sarah may want to seek advice from Miley Cyrus, who recently found herself the center of rumors that claimed she was also pregnant, as the Inquisitr reported.

Miley Cyrus mocks pregnancy rumors with pizza baby parody.
Miley Cyrus mocks pregnancy rumors with "pizza baby" parody.

Fed up with the rumors, Miley responded by posting a parody that even included a fake ultrasound. And the revelation in response to those tabloid rumors proclaiming that she was pregnant? It’s a pizza baby!

[Image Via Instagram/Sarah S]