Fifty Shades Of Wayne: Batman Replaces Christian Grey In Parody Mashup Trailer

Instead of Fifty Shades of Grey, YouTuber Josh Meeter says when his wife tried to describe the movie to him, he found himself picturing something more like Fifty Shades of Wayne. Once he realized the movie was going to be more about a dark relationship than the Dark Knight, Meeter decided he’d create his vision himself.

The result was a mashup of the Fifty Shades trailer and Batman — Anastasia Steel arrives at Wayne Enterprises to interview the billionaire playboy himself. The cuts are seamless and perfect, so you can watch Ana’s astonishment as she discovers Bruce Wayne’s deepest secret, debates whether she can be involved with Batman, and finally ends up in his bed.

Watch Fifty Shades of Wayne below, and see what you think.

The majority of the commenters on the vid say that it’s a better love story than the original story (Fifty Shades, not Batman) — with a handful of outliers instead comparing it (also favorably) to Twilight.

The creator also seems satisfied that he achieved his vision.

“When my wife told me what Fifty Shades of Grey was all about… this is EXACTLY what I had imagined.”

Another bonus is that, while many consider Fifty Shades to be a tale of abuse and rape disguised as a consensual BDSM relationship, the more uncomfortable aspects of this are absent from the mashup trailer. Don’t misunderstand — there are still some glimpses of bondage scenes, hints of sex, and Ana still shows that expression that falls somewhere between uncertain and afraid — but Ana’s hesitation is a bit more separated from the sexuality, and attached more to Bruce Wayne’s secret identity. Perhaps the only truly creepy bit left is Grey/Wayne offering Ana a sedative.

Her interview scene is even more interesting — can you imagine Christian Grey offering “cave diving” as a response when asked what he does outside work?

Though the mashup was released two weeks after Fifty Shades of Grey, at the end of February, it’s just started to catch attention and go viral now — suddenly racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

Why is it so appealing, though? According to many commenters, it’s because Bruce Wayne is a deeper, more complex character than Christian Grey. Perhaps that is partially related to the fans’ long-time relationship with Batman, and more recent peeks at Bruce Wayne’s childhood through the hit series Gotham, but there’s no question fans seem to give Wayne a higher approval level.

Is Fifty Shades of Wayne an improvement?