52-Year-Old Man Obsessed With Diapers Runs $120 Per Hour Adult Kindergarten

A 52-year-old man, who has been obsessed with wearing diapers even into adulthood, has sparked controversy after he appeared on a British talk show and admitted that he and his wife ran a $120-per-hour adult kindergarten in Liverpool, UK.

The diaper-wearing man in question, Derek Ventham, who lives with his wife, Maxine, claims that the diaper wearing is not a sexual fetish and, in fact, has nothing to do at all with sex.

As he said on The Jeremy Kyle Show, which is a toned down version of The Jerry Springer Show, “I’m like any other person, I get up, have breakfast and go to work. I have to wear a nappy all the time as I suffer from incontinence.”

Nevertheless, despite Derek’s little medical issue, he claims that he would wear a diaper anyways, even if he wasn’t incontinent, as it is something he has done since his teen years.

As he explained, ‘This was a liking I’ve had since I was seven, a fascination for nappies (diapers). It’s not sexual.”

As such, the aptly called Nursery Thymes adult kindergarten he runs is a place where, for a pretty penny, fully grown adults can revert back to infancy, have books read to them, and even enjoy diaper changes.

When he appeared on the ITV show to explain his fascination with diapers, Ventham claimed he was neither a pedophile nor a pervert.

“We don’t want to be with children, we want to be the child,” he said.

Perhaps a little surprisingly for some, business is booming, according to Ventham, who charges the $120 per hour for services, including adult cribs, adult-sized kids clothes, and, of course, plenty of clean diapers.

And while a diaper change will set you back around $40, an overnight stay will cost a hefty $500 plus.

As the couple advertise on their website, “We are nursery-thymes, we have been running our nursery for 14 years. We look after adult babies in our adult sized nursery, we look after you the way you want and cater your stay to the care you want. Sitting in the high chair being fed by mummy or having your nappy changed in the big cot, we have lots of cuddly toys to play with, come along and relax in a warm friendly atmosphere, let us make your dreams come true. You must be over 18 too visit our nursery.”