Mirror Twin Sisters: So Alike In Every Way Yet Total Opposites In Some

Identical twins Naomi and Hannah Moxon are totally the same in every way, with one small but vital exception: They are what is known as “mirror twins,” a rare condition affecting around 25 percent of identical twins.

When the girl’s baby teeth began to fall out of opposite sides of their mouths, their mother Karen made the discovery that her daughters were the rarest of rare identical twins.

This means that while Naomi is left-handed, her sister Hannah is right-handed, and, of course, when it comes to eating supper, the sisters need to sit strategically so they don’t bump elbows.

The mirror image vibe even extends to the fact that their hair naturally parts on opposite sides of their heads.

The twins, now aged 19, spoke to reporters about their situation.

“Our mum noticed quite early on that we were doing things with the opposite hands. She would say raise the hand you use to draw and I’d raise one and Hannah would raise the other. Then mum mentioned it at one of our check-ups and that’s when they said about mirror twins. I don’t think many people know what it is.

“There were other things like I use my knife and fork the wrong way round. Our baby teeth fell out on different sides as well, one of mine would fall out and then within a few days Naomi lost the same tooth on the other side. Also our partings are naturally opposite, although we sometimes wear it the same.”

That being said, the sisters are similar in so many ways and are extremely close with each other, dressing alike and even sharing a bedroom and a wardrobe.

As Hannah told reporters, “We like dressing the same, but not always. It’s part of our performing act. What’s good is that I can ask her to try something on so I can see what it looks like. And we always talk about what suits ‘us’ not what suits ‘me.'”

The twins’ close bond is also undeniable, as Hannah added, “We rely on each other a lot, we’re very protective of each other. At school we had a bad experience, we were teased quite a lot for being different to the other children, because we were twins. People would try to tell us apart by being like “oh you’re the one with the fatter face” and “you’re the one with the longer face”, So we were very shy.”