Brianna Crane Found — AMBER Alert Canceled

The search for missing 10-year-old Brianna Crane is over, and the AMBER Alert issued for her disappearance has been cancelled. ABC News affiliate WKOW 27 reports that the hearing-impaired child was found early Sunday morning, but the circumstances surrounding her safe return have not yet been divulged to the media and the public. One thing is certain: This little girl is fortunate to be alive after previous reports indicated that she was in the custody of someone who was armed and dangerous.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety had initially confirmed that the child may have been abducted by her stepfather, Kenneth Johns, on Saturday. An AMBER Alert was promptly issued by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office after she vanished. At the time, she was believed to be with Johns, who was driving a dark grey 2014 Ford Focus with Iowa plate CKJ 484. The latest reports, however, indicate that Kenneth Johns still hasn’t been found. It appears that he may have either dropped Brianna off somewhere or she was able to escape, but no information is readily available at this time.

Countless people on social media are staying on top of this case, but authorities are not saying whether social media played any role in this case being solved. Did the high profile — and national — attention cast on Johns and the missing child put pressure on him to hand her over safely? Right now, Brianna’s condition is not currently known, other from the fact that she is safe and no longer in the custody of the man who allegedly kidnapped her.

NBC News affiliate 13 Who TV News reports that Kenneth Johns has reached out to another news station to declare his innocence, claiming he did nothing wrong by taking his stepdaughter.

“I’ve done nothing wrong but love my child. I love my child. I love everything about her. She’s my daughter. The whole plan is to have her returned. This was not a planned out action.”

While details surrounding Brianna Crane’s rescue are not yet known, police are still seeking Kenneth Johns. The 48-year-old man — who, again, is the girl’s stepfather — is around six feet tall and approximately 210 pounds. He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and may or may not be driving the Ford Focus described in previous reports.

[Photo: WKOW News via Johnson County Sheriff’s Office]