ISIS ‘Too Evil’ For ‘Homeland,’ Admits Executive Producer Alex Gansa

As the thugs of ISIS, also known as Islamic State, take over huge areas of land in the Middle East, the executive producer of the Homeland series, Alex Gansa, has confirmed they will never feature in the show’s storyline, as they are simply “too evil.”

While the Showtime series deals a lot with terrorists, double agents, and espionage, dramatizing the show using members from ISIS, such as Jihadi John, is not going to happen anytime soon.

Gansa is so keen to keep ISIS off the Homeland agenda that he has given writers express instructions not to include the Islamist group in any scripts as a way of not humanizing what they do.

When Gansa was asked recently if any ISIS storylines were in the making, he answered clearly.

“It’s a very good question because Homeland for the last four seasons has tried to portray our adversaries and tried to humanize them. And if you look at Abu Nazir, even look at Brody, or look at Haqqani this past season there was a real effort to make their concerns and their lives understandable. That is very hard to do with ISIS. It’s very difficult to do because what they are doing on the ground feels so medieval and so horrible that you give them a platform on television I’m a little wary of; to try to make what they are talking about understandable or relatable is very difficult. So we are struggling with that. Maybe this is too soon, Maybe we don’t understand them well enough; It may be that they are just too evil to dramatize on television.”

For Gansa, the last thing he wants to do is to humanize ISIS or to create, albeit inadvertently, any sympathy for them and their cause.

“I think to humanize or to create a sympathetic member of IS right now is a very tall order, that I would be nervous about doing; I really would; I think right now the intelligence communities, the United States government doesn’t really even know how to deal with them on the ground right now.”

So for all you Homeland fans out there, you can expect lots of awesome storylines and action in coming seasons. However, the likes of ISIS and their ilk will not be making an appearance any time soon.