Former Ohio Teacher, Elliot Gornall, Arrested For Secretly Videotaping Kindergarten Students Using The Bathroom

A former Ohio teacher was arrested Friday after investigators discovered that he had secretly videotaped his former kindergarten students while using the bathroom.

According to NY Daily News, 32-year-old Elliot Gornall was a teacher at R. F. Mcmullen Elementary school who taught second- and third-grade for four years before resigning in December 2014.

Elliot opted to leave his position after he acquired a drug-related charge and a misdemeanor charge for stolen property in which he pled not guilty to. Sources say that when Gornall was arrested for those charges, he appeared to be wearing children’s underwear.

It was also stated that before his drug-related charges, Gornall possessed a clean record.

As a result of the drug-related charges, police officials raided his home, and when they did, they discovered countless of videos that showed Gornall’s former elementary students using the bathroom between August and November of 2014.

It appeared the Ohio teacher had placed a tiny camera in the bathroom of his classroom where it captured 25 of his students using the bathroom.

Gornall was immediately arrested and taken to Ashland County jail.

The victims’ parents were notified upon Gornall’s arrest and according to Daily Mail, they were outraged. His colleagues were also stunned and felt betrayed as well.

“The thought that a previously trusted kindergarten teacher would take advantage of young children in this way is horrifying.”

The principal at R.F. McMullen Elementary School, Annette Gorrell, expressed how deeply betrayed she felt. She claimed that “He was well-liked by students, staff and parents. The betrayal is huge.”

“We are responsible for every teacher and staff member who works here and when one of them breaks the law, we take it very seriously.”

“They are innocent. They don’t even know. Ultimately, of course, it’s up to the parents to decide what to say or do.”

When a school board member, John Carroll, first learned of Gornall videotaping kindergarten students, he stated that “First, it’s anger. Then, you’re upset. And then you just feel betrayed. We feel so hurt that our child was violated in this way.”

Carroll’s daughter was among those 25 students who Gornall videotaped.

“They were very somber meetings. People were very emotional and had a lot of questions.”

Gornall will remain at the Ashland County jail until he faces the judge on Monday for his new charge of 23 counts of illegal use of a minor in nudity after secretly videotaping his students use the bathroom.

[Image courtesy of Sean Gallup/Getty Images]