‘Bachelor’ Final Rose Shocker: Chris Soules Has Change Of Heart — Reality Steve’s Spoilers Wrong?

The Bachelor 2015 final rose ceremony will be “truly shocking,” according to the show’s producer, Mike Fleiss. Does that mean Reality Steve’s spoilers about Chris Soules’ final pick are completely wrong?

Fans who are looking forward to a seeing romantic proposal on the season finale of the Bachelor (March 9) won’t be disappointed. However, Chris may have a change of heart during the final moments of the show, choosing the girl who is best suited for farm life over true love.

On Monday night, Chris will travel his hometown of Arlington, Iowa, with his two final ladies, Becca and Whitney. Before the final rose ceremony, both ladies will go on their last one-on-one date of the season and meet Chris’ family.

According to Zap2It, Chris confesses to his father that he is struggling with the decision he needs to make because he has strong feelings for both Becca and Whitney. In a preview for the finale, Chris’ father states that although his son seems to be confused about who to pick, Becca is the one he is truly in love with.

“Chris confesses to his Dad his struggle of the heart. He explains how torn he is by strong feelings for both women and his heart is pulling him in two different directions.”

Of course, the season finale teasers may lead some viewers to believe that Chris gets so confused that he doesn’t pick anyone, but Reality Steve is positive that the Iowa farmer does pick one of the two girls, and he gets engaged at the final rose ceremony.

Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss’ tweet about a “shocking” season finale may be believable to those who are convinced that Reality Steve’s spoilers are “off” this season. However, anyone who has been watching the show for the past several years knows that Fleiss almost always hypes the show’s finale as the “most dramatic” or “shocking” season in the show’s history.

Hype aside, some fans are still totally convinced that Chris will propose to Becca because it appears (at times) that Soules has more of a connection with the 25-year-old chiropractic assistant than he does with Whitney, a fertility nurse who lives in Chicago.

However, Becca makes it clear on the finale that she is not ready to commit, telling Chris’ mother that she is not yet in love with him. This could be the deal-breaker for Chris, forcing him to pick Whitney — unless he wants to pull a Brad Womack and send both girls home.

ABC states that Chris will be “overwhelmed” on the finale. He will not only question if Becca is ready for life as a farmer’s wife, he will also be confused by Whitney’s “eagerness to please” — a sign that he isn’t sure if she is genuine or just wants to win the final rose.

Reality Steve’s spoilers point to Whitney as Chris’ final pick. If Steve is correct, is it possible that Chris made a safe choice and picked the girl who is ready to commit (Whitney) over the one who he is love with (Becca)? Tune in to watch the three-hour Bachelor season finale at 8 p.m. ET on March 9 to find out.

[Image: ABC]