Sean Penn ‘Green Card’ Joke Response Probably Isn’t What PC Police Want To Hear

A Sean Penn “Green Card” joke was apparently made at the Oscars, and the people who heard it — many of them anyway — aren’t too happy with it.

All this might sound like news to you if you decided to skip out on the event, but it did grab a fraction of attention, including from the Inquisitr, when it was initially uttered, and now it’s back because Penn has finally responded to the criticism.

So what was the joke? Penn opened the envelope and announced that Alejandro Iñárritu, director of Birdman and the Penn-starring 21 Grams, had won an award. Before saying his name, however, he muttered, “Who gave this son of a b***h his green card.”

Apparently it was an “inside joke” Penn used because he and Iñárritu are good friends.

Now, if you had a problem with it, the veteran actor and wannabe tough guy would like to apologize.

Just kidding. He’s not sorry at all, according to Yahoo! In fact, if you’re part of the politically correct police, who dares to criticize, he’s got a healthy “f**k you” that he’d like you to hear.

Penn said he is “always surprised” by what he deems to be the “flagrant stupidity” of people who make mountains out of molehills. “The fact is that I understand it. I see it all the time. When somebody sees the opportunity to frame something in the comfort that it will be common — that they can do that and they can get a group to look at them and that they will take on those positions and never really think about what it was,” he said, adding that he “absolutely” had no apologies.

“In fact, I have a big (expletive) you for every… anybody who is so stupid not to have gotten the irony when you’ve got a country that is so xenophobic…. If they had their way, you wouldn’t have great filmmakers like Alejandro working in this country. Thank god we do.”

Sean Penn does have a hard left history politically, so that probably made his comment okay, though some have wondered what he would have been saying had the comment come from a conservative actor.

Do you think the Sean Penn Green Card joke was out of line, or does everyone just need to take a chill pill? Sound off in the comments section.

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