Burglar Has Tires Slashed Before Getaway Attempt: Score One For The Victim

One burglar in St. Joseph, Missouri, got an unpleasant surprise when he attempted his escape after breaking into a home and stealing, among other things, prescription medications.

Marti Wilson (pictured above) had just arrived home from school when she noticed that someone had been tampering with the house where she lives with her elderly mother.

Glass had been busted out and a door kicked in. She suspected something like this would happen a few weeks prior when one of her prescription medications with contact information was stolen, so the heads-up gave her the mental cognizance to act.

And act she did.

Wilson found a “strange vehicle” parked in her driveway. No one else was home, so it was just her versus 30-year-old alleged intruder, Casey Hueser. Shortly after arriving, she heard the garage door open and met Hueser as he descended the stairs.

She said that he immediately went back up into the house, and it was at this point that she seized the moment, first removing the key from the ignition of his vehicle and then taking her pocket knife to the left front tire.

Hueser would end up confronting Wilson, who was acting as sort of a human shield between the burglar and his vehicle.

“Eventually,” Wilson said, she relented as he allegedly forced her to give back his key. He also took her pocket knife, but the damage had already been done, Fox 4 KC notes.

Wilson’s first act as soon as Hueser’s car hobbled off the driveway was to call the police.

“His front left tire had a big hole in it, and apparently, with my description of the vehicle, and the fact that he wasn’t moving really fast, and then they found a bunch of the rubber out in the road … so he kind of left a trail,” she told the news site.

Hueser is now in custody and has been charged. His hearing has been set for March 23.

This isn’t the first comeuppance tale the Inquisitr has told you about. Last July, there was the story of an 83-year-old elderly woman, who dealt with a burglar using a pot of boiling water.

While the criminal got away, police believed that he had “at least” minor injuries as a result of the water contact.

A lesson in all this: don’t assume your female victims are helpless, criminal types. You might find yourself MacGyvered into a jail cell.

Have you ever had a confrontation with a burglar, or do you now someone who has? How did they handle it?