Amazon Is Giving Away $200 Gift Cards On Facebook — Or Are They?

Who wouldn’t love to get a free $200 gift card from Amazon? Everyone loves something for nothing and that’s why it’s great when an opportunity like that arises. Lately, there have been a lot of people passing around a post on Facebook that says they can get a free $200 gift card from Amazon just by sharing the post. Only, they really can’t.

Here is what you may be seeing a lot of lately on Facebook.

free amazon $200 gift card Facebook

If you click through that “” website, then you’ll go to a page that has the Amazon logo and tells you to follow two simple steps to claim your $200 gift card.

1.) Share This Page

2.) Add comment below and say “Thanks” – Example: “Thanks I Love Amazon”

If you do those two things, then you could receive a $200 Amazon gift card, but you won’t. If you click through to the site more than once, you’ll notice that the “Free Gift Card” counter always starts at 360 and then begins counting down.

Snopes states that it is indeed a scam, a hoax, and one that has been used before for retailers such as Kroger and Costco. They’re a little different each time, but always come back to users sharing something on their social media page and then waiting their free gift card.

According to Scam Adviser, this is not just a hoax, but one that could be a very high risk for your computer and others. It’s in your best interest to never click through to the site, but also to never share it.

amazon facebook scam

If you’ve done so, it’s probably a good idea to delete it now and tell anyone else the same.

The internet is a big place and full of people always trying to take advantage of others. People don’t like to read more than the title of things and share it for the rest of the world to see and join in with them.

If they would just look a little close, they could see that Willie Nelson isn’t dead, McDonald’s isn’t getting rid of Big Macs, and Amazon isn’t handing out free $200 gift cards.

Think about it, how would Amazon even get that free $200 gift card? It asks you to share something on your Facebook and then what are the chances you’ll ever go back to it again? They’ve gotten their clutches on your personal info, and you would never hear from them.

When browsing around on the internet, think twice about something if it seems too good to be true. It isn’t always, but don’t fall for things just because you read them online. Keanu Reeves is still alive, there won’t be a 30th day of February next year, and Amazon isn’t giving away free $200 gift cards.

[Image via Facebook]