Don’t Miss Your Prom! Lovely Prom Dresses Available For Free/Low Cost

It’s that time again. As spring approaches, high school girls are dreaming of colorful prom dresses to turn them into fairy tale princesses for a night. Unfortunately, prom dresses are exceedingly expensive, and the cost of prom day preparations such as having hair and nails done, and buying accessories such as jewelry and shoes really adds up.

When I was a junior, I bought my own prom dress, relentlessly paying week after week until it was finally mine. I’ll never forget the soft peach color and sparkling skirt. It made me feel beautiful. I loved it so much I wore it for my senior prom as well. I know, I know, that’s a major fashion faux pas, but the high cost of prom dresses did not allow me to buy a new one.

Every girl should get to go to her prom in a beautiful dress that makes her feel special. Hopefully these venues will help high school students find affordable dresses for that one magical night.

My favorite go-to for any type of clothing that I need is Goodwill. Though the dresses are most often used, it’s worth it to pay for dry cleaning when you are only spending a small fraction of the price of a new prom dress. Prices can start as low as ten dollars. Now that’s a bargain! Click here to locate your local Goodwill.

Prom dresses are also available at Goodwill online, an auction site like Ebay or Overstock. Starting at five dollars, these prom dresses come in all sizes, colors, and brands, it just depends on the day. I suggest using different keywords in the search, such as “formal dresses” or “bridesmaid dresses” to bring up a larger variety of dresses.

Events offering free prom dresses donated by businesses and individuals are becoming more popular. The University of Louisiana hosts an annual event, the “Cinderella Project”, which accepts donations of new and used prom dresses they give to high school girls free of charge. The eighth annual Lafayette “Cinderella Project” took place today, offering in excess of 1,000 prom dresses. Girls were treated to a free package that included a prom dress, accessories, shoes, and minor alterations. Mary Kay representatives were available to style hair and apply makeup. Search for the “Cinderella Project” online to find an event near you.

Twitter has a nice selection of dresses, #PromDressForSale. Some are still a bit pricey, but many are super affordable.

I need this gone, size 3, $60 OBO, DM me if your interested #prom #promdressforsale #promdress

— Jacqueline (@Jacquelinemg15) March 2, 2015

Facebook swap and sell groups are definitely a nice option for finding just the right prom dress at the right price. Formal Dress Exchange offers a large variety of dresses and lots of activity. Many dresses have been posted just today.

Regardless of the amount of money in your pocketbook, it really is possible to find prom dresses at an affordable price, or even free. Do you have a memory of your favorite prom dress?

[Image via Altius Directory]