Handicapped Janitor Suit: Woman Mocked By Two Police Officers Files Lawsuit, Receives Support From Rapper

A handicapped janitor filed suit against two cops that openly mocked her at work, and her story is now making headlines. According to Gawker, Hannah Biggan worked at the 52nd precinct in the Bronx for more than 23 years when a 2013 incident forced her take a leave of absence from her job.

Biggan went into work one day in May of 2013, and she was approached by Nicholas Konner and John Repetti, two cops that work at the precinct. They had a shirt with them that they claimed was too big for them to wear. They wanted her to have the shirt. The shirt, shown below, is part of the merchandise sold for fans to show their support for Cash Cow.

Biggan did not think anything of the gesture. She took the shirt and put it in her locker before she started her day on the job. During the afternoon, the two officers approached Biggan again. This time, they asked her to put on the shirt. Once she complied, they took photos of her, and they laughed.

It was not until Biggan returned home wearing the shirt that night that her sister realized her mentally disabled sister had been mocked and made fun of by the two men. Biggan shared her story with the New York Post.

“They asked me if I could read it, and I said that I couldn’t read. I tried to read it, but I couldn’t. When I got home, my sister Maryann told me what it said. . . And I got really depressed and ­angry at them for doing that to me because I’ve never done anything bad to them. I wanted to hurt myself. I did think of ways to do it, like, get hit by a car.”

After the incident, Biggan took a leave of absence from her job. She has taken so much time off that she is no longer paid. Her lawsuit names the two cops, but it also names the city and her supervisor at the precinct because they did nothing after she reported the incident to them.

Rapper Cash Cow, otherwise known as Justin Ross, has learned about Biggan’s story, and he has promised to do something for her. He wants to do a fundraising event of some sort. He spoke out about the incident, and he revealed the meaning of “I’m Dope” that he intended with the shirt, according to the New York Post.

“We are definitely going to do something — have a karaoke night or something. Hannah Biggan is more than what she is. There are a lot of Hannah Biggans all over the place and we want them to know they are supported. ‘I’m dope’ is basically saying ‘I’m cool, I’m hot, I’m smokin’, I’m the best.”

Biggan’s attorney released a statement about Cash Cow’s offer, and he said that it offered them “a small glimmer of hope” in the situation. The two officers involved in this suit have not released their own statements. The case is now being evaluated by the Bronx’s Corporation Counsel.

This is not the only incident involving a handicapped person making headlines this weekend. The Inquisitr reported a parking lot fight that sent a 71-year-old elderly woman to the hospital on Friday.

The incident involved two women. When one woman claimed a handicapped spot before another, the woman that missed the spot approached the other woman’s car. After the elderly woman stepped out of her car, the younger woman, aged 32, chest butted her. That sent the elderly woman to the ground. Due to the action, she suffered from a broken leg and an injured hip. She had recently had hip replacement surgery.

Police arrested Kezia Perkins, the younger woman, at the scene. She was charged with assault and battery, and she could spend six years behind bars over the parking lot incident. The elderly woman has retained an attorney to deal with the case. Perkins’ lawyer has stated that his client is also disabled.

What do you think of these cases involving the mistreatment of the handicapped? Was Hannah Biggans right to file suit against the two cops after their mocking behavior?

[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]