OKCupid Date From Hell: Jersey Woman Trusted A Man Named ‘Gooch’

A New Jersey woman is probably reconsidering her OKCupid subscription after a date with a man she met on the website went horribly wrong. Gawker reports that the unidentified victim met a man who goes by the name “Gooch” on the popular dating site, choosing to contact him based on the 89 percent compatibility badge on his profile. Of course, that compatibility proved wrong when a date with the guy ended with her being sans jewelry and car.

Apparently the woman thought “Gooch” was the kind of man you bring home, so that’s what she did after the two of them met at Racks Restaurant and Sports Bar. Reports aren’t saying how long he visited the unidentified woman in her home, but by the end of the night, he had allegedly stolen all of her jewelry, along with her car — a red 2007 Toyota Solara with a vanity plate with the letters JSRYGRL on it.

Evidently, “Gooch” goes by multiple aliases. His OKCupid profile says his name is Gennaro Aladena, but detectives believe he also goes by the name Mike Rossman. ABC News 7 reports that the man still hasn’t been located, nor have the car and jewelry that he allegedly stole from the woman he met online.

This isn’t the first dating horror story to come from using OKCupid, although the horror stories do not appear to outweigh the positive experiences. In September of 2014, someone posted to Reddit that someone they had met on the popular site date-raped them. Earlier in the same year, a Colorado woman was allegedly sexually assaulted by a man she had met on the site. Come to find out, Michael Miller had been suspected of raping multiple women he had met on various dating websites.

Internet dating in general can be a risky venture, with predators making use of dating websites under the false guise of being ideal suitors for lonely women. Other dating sites plagued by predatory people have included Plenty of Fish and even Christian Mingle. Even alleged serial rapists and killers have made use of online dating to purposely attract and “farm” their victims. A man who had raped over a half a dozen women using Plenty of Fish was busted in 2014, for example. A Las Vegas woman was reportedly attacked after she met a man on the popular dating site Match.com. The man reportedly stabbed her 10 times in the face and neck, leaving her for dead. Luckily, she survived.

The New Jersey woman who brought “Gooch” home after meeting him on OKCupid is lucky that she only lost her car and some jewelry — as these are things that can be replaced.

[Photo: Gawker via Waterford Township Police]