Lammily, The Realistic Fashion Doll, Goes Viral With Inspiring ‘Do You’ Ad [Video]

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a new doll named Lammily earned quite a bit of buzz last year. Marketed as a “realistic Barbie,” Lammily was meant to represent a more accurate version of a woman. There have been numerous complaints through the years about the body images often caused by the inaccurate build of the typical Barbie doll.

Now Lammily, the perfectly imperfect doll, has a message for the girls of the world. The new commercial for the doll was uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral.

In the video, Lammily is shown on her phone typing that she can’t wait to go to Miami. Later we see Lammily noticing that the internet seems to respond more positively to scantily clad thin young women than girls like her sharing her art rather than her flesh. Lammily sees much of the same on TV. Everywhere she looked, the images were the same: Thin, barely dressed women as far as the eye could see.

Lammily finally gets to Miami, fully clothed. There she is greeted by the image of dolls in bikinis. It’s clear that Lammily’s confidence has taken a beating, and she’s shown blushing (thanks to stickers)

The ad goes on to show the doll noticing that the thin dolls have scars and cellulite (also stickers). Just like her. Inspired, Lammily dons a bikini and goes over to introduce herself.

She then DJs for a party and everyone has a great time.

The video emphasizes that everyone has little flaws. However, it seems to make the point that this shouldn’t stop you from making friends, having fun, or being yourself. The video ends with the message, “Do you.” The Lammily ad was posted as the hashtag #DoYou as well. Since being shared on the site, the video has been viewed over 200,000 times and is quickly spreading across the internet.

The message behind Lammily is one of self-acceptance, but there was some skepticism that a doll made plain on purpose would ever be a hit with little girls. A group of second graders were asked to compare dolls, including the Lammily doll. This was the response.

One little girl exclaimed that she was “so pretty.” Another said that the doll looked like her sister. The response seemed to be that the children were pleased that the doll looked like “a real person” or “regular person.” When asked which doll was most like themselves, the children all seemed to choose Lammily.

Is Lammily a good doll for girls based on this response and the ad, or do you think they should stick with Barbie?

[Image Credit: Day Donaldson]