Kate Middleton Giving Up Beauty Products, Spray Tanning To Keep Baby Healthy During Pregnancy

Kate Middleton is known for her naturally good looks, but as her pregnancy winds down, the Duchess of Cambridge has decided to give up a number of beauty products to keep the baby healthy.

The 33-year-old wife to Prince William has reportedly given up her weekly St. Tropez spray tan treatment, opting instead for the DHA-free Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze, which gives her some glow without the harsh chemicals.

“Kate is very cautious of products and treatments,” a source told Us Weekly. “Baby’s health comes first.”

Kate Middleton has reportedly given up some of her other harsher beauty products, but still kept some other essentials, including rosehip oil.

“Kate continues to use rosehip oil in her daily skincare regiment,” the sources added to Us Weekly. “She loves the effect is has on her skin. [Her mother] Carole [Middleton] is also a fan.”

Duchess Kate may have good reason to be cautious. After suffering severe morning sickness early on in each of her two pregnancies, Kate has continued to run into some scary pregnancy complications. Late last month, she was reportedly rushed to the hospital after suffering “excruciating abdominal pains” and fearing that she could be going into premature labor.

The incident turned out not to be serious, but it still put a good scare into Kate.

As Hollywood Life reported, “Kate was frantic. William wasn’t home, and she was seriously concerned about the pain she was in. She was doubled over in agony, and her immediate fear was for her unborn baby. So she had her aides call emergency services,” a source claimed.

The source added that there were some tense moments for Kate as doctors were trying to find the problem.

“At first they thought she was in labor, but her contractions weren’t regular enough to warrant them preparing for birth,” the source noted. “The contractions aren’t necessary a sign that the baby is coming early, but they can be a red flag, so her doctors have been preparing for an early arrival.”

But Kate Middleton doesn’t have too much time left before she can return to her normal beauty routine. She is due to give birth in just a few weeks.

[Image via Style Bistro]