June 29, 2017
Kanye West's Air Is For Sale On eBay

Yes, you read right. Kanye West's air is now for sale on eBay. It seems like you can buy anything nowadays if the price is right.

Have you ever been at a Kanye West concert and thought to yourself, "(inhales) If only I could take this air with me..."? Well, it seems that someone has gotten that bright idea and marketed it. And obviously, the Kanye experience is worth far more at home than his tickets.

As hilarious as it may sound, West's proposed air has become a trend that has caught on with other sellers on eBay as well. However, after personal research, one has not been found more outlandish than the one reported by the Telegraph.

Kanye West's Air Is For Sale On eBay
Credits: Telegraph | eBay

There are a lot of things that can be bought with $60,000. However, never in this lifetime would people have thought Kanye's albums and concert sales would also be accompanied by "air" sales. This brings new evaluation to West's net worth. How much is he really worth?

Or is it that people don't have better things to spend their money on than "proposed" air from a Kanye West tour? One can easily blow air into a bag and write "Air from Kanye Show" on it. The idea is genius to those of whom it appeals. However, to those outside of that parameter and fan base, the cons of such a deal literally scream out, "You can't be serious!?" And what's worse, someone's selling "Kanye" farts as well.

Before their current relationship, West's wife, Kim, put out a sextape with Ray J. That grossed her family $65 million. That's understandable, given the content and fan base. Supposedly, considering Kayne's fan base — as devout as they can be — deem this particular concept acceptable and worth the amount bid.

For this price, hopefully West's tour air can purify that of the buyer's dwelling as well. Accordingly, this would be something one could brag about to friends. "You smell that? That's Kanye."

Venting aside, what are your thoughts about this sales tactic? Do you think Mr. West's air should go for $60k? Why not a cool $100k?

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[Feature Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]