Woman Finds Missing Wedding Ring Through Viral Facebook Post, Makes New Friend In The Process

A Tennessee woman has social media to thank for the safe return of her lost wedding ring. The hairdresser from Germantown, Nicole Inman, says that she was on a Delta flight from Memphis to St. Paul, Minnesota, when she removed her wedding ring to apply lotion. She sat the ring in her lap and became distracted. When she stood up to leave the flight the ring fell from her lap onto the floor. They frantically looked for the ring, but to no avail. They had to exit the plane to catch their next flight, Inman then filed a missing item claim with Delta but it was closed when the item was not found. Therefore, in a last ditch effort, Inman posted a photo to Facebook

Inman posted a photo of her ring along with the following caption to Facebook on February 18, 2015.

“I can’t believe I’m having to do this but I’m desperate. On Thursday Feb 6 I lost my wedding ring on our flight from Memphis to st. Paul, Minnesota. Delta airline has officially closed my claim on looking for it. I’ve seen fb do lots of things, so I figured I would try to see if this would reach someone who may have my ring in hopes they find the heart to give it back. It is inscribed with a special saying from my husband if you need proof it’s mine.
I ask that you share this and maybe it will work. Thanks!”

To her disbelief, the post went viral and was shared over 594,000 times. KNWA reports that at the same time another hairdresser halfway across the country was searching for the owner of a missing ring her son had found wedged between the baseboards of a Delta airlines flight. Pam Letexier says that she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the viral missing wedding ring post.

“I read the article and I was looking at all the comments going, oh my gosh, that’s the ring!”

Letexier contacted Inman and sent the wedding ring via FedEx back to the rightful owner. Inman says that the whole experience has restored her faith in humanity.

“To find someone that has no ties to us, no clue who it belongs to and to go through the routes they did to find who it belongs to… faith in humanity definitely restored.”

The FedEx package safely arrived and the wedding ring is back on Inman’s finger. She posted a photo of the ring on her hand with a huge thank you to the Letexier family who she says is absolutely amazing. She says she is grateful that the missing wedding ring connected her with such good people.

Inman missing wedding ring
Inman posted a happy photo after the Fedex package containing her wedding ring made it to her home.

“People who i don’t even know have gone above and beyond to get in touch with me about my lost wedding ring. I’m so grateful for all who took the time to help me! I cannot thank you all enough! There are still good people in the world and I have been lucky enough to have had a chance to connect with them. I’m forever grateful!!!!”