Graphic Video Released Of Massive Biker Brawl Between Two Motorcycle Gang Rivals [Video]

More than 35 members from the rival Wardogs and Rebels motorcycle gangs were enthralled in an all out vicious brawl. It took place on January 31, however the graphic video of the incident is has just been released, as reported by New York Daily News.

A surveillance camera caught the gangs outside of Double J Saloon in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, throwing punches and kicking until things took a turn for the worse. It didn’t take long before the brawl began to resemble a scene straight out of Sons of Anarchy.

Canada Journal reports as the bad blood boiled between the bikers, four people were seriously injured as the bikers brought out their guns, knives and hammers leaving two with gunshot wounds and one with a stab to the stomach.

Beaver Falls Sgt. Thomas Lococo reveals to WPXI, “It’s pretty disturbing, and it’s not something we’re typically used to.”

Lococo admits he’s watched the video countless times, and is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the people involved as the video has now been released.

According to WPXI, Lococo stated the brawl broke out when one of the biker groups discovered their rival was at a bar a mere block away. Although the brawl started in the parking lot of the Double J Saloon, it began to spread until it reached the parking lot of a grocery store.

Thankfully, the grocery store was closed or innocent customers could have been injured as the guns fired.

Currently, four people have been arrested and police have issued six warrants, but will continue to investigate, and further arrests are expected to be made, per New York Daily News.

Lococo informed WPXI that there have been several motorcycle gang brawls in recent months around the county, and he expressed concern that this could become a serious problem if they continue to escalate.

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