Which Phone Will Challenge Apple’s iPhone 6? Samsung And HTC Main Contenders

It’s been a challenging twelve months for the companies that compete with Apple’s iPhone 6. According to the Motley Fool, Samsung and HTC, in particular, have been challenged at the high end of cell phone economics by the popularity of the iPhone 6. They’ve also faced Lenovo and Xiaomi in the midrange and entry level markets. Overall, Samsung saw its marketshare fall from 30 percent to 20 percent over 2014, and HTC now has less than two percent of the market.

As Samsung prepares to release the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on April 1, and HTC prepares the One M9 for launch, it’s natural that these premium cell phones are being compared to the current leader in the market, the iPhone 6. According to Gizmag, the competition is just getting started.

“As recently as a year ago, iPhone vs. Galaxy showdowns required you to choose between premium builds and big screens. But now that the iPhone has a spacious screen, and the Galaxy has a high-end build, you’re going to have to base your decision on other factors.”

Looking at hardware, the S6 has a clear edge on Apple’s iPhone. Gotta Be Mobile lists 10 things the S6 can do that the iPhone 6 can’t, from wireless charging to more storage on the entry model (32G vs iPhone’s 16G), to more pixels in the display. The S6 will also introduce Samsung Pay, the Korean company’s answer to Apple Pay, which also looks to be a step up in terms of the technology.

“Samsung Pay sends a wireless magnetic card swipe right to the card reader at an existing cash register, which means it works in 90 percent of stores — even those without a new NFC point of sale system.”

International Business Times continued on this theme, listing six features available on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that the iPhone 6 doesn’t have. IBT seemed particularly impressed with the new Gorilla Glass exterior of the S6, noting that it’s a new and improved version over what Apple used for older iPhone models, and the better camera software and improved processing speed of the Galaxy S6. And in Gizmag‘s point-by-point breakdown, the S6 comes out as the clear winner with superior technology.

Now I want both Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 Plus lol.

— Jheyvhi (@jheyvhi) March 7, 2015

As for HTC, well, it doesn’t seem like anyone’s excited about the One M9. Sorry, HTC.

Is Apple’s iPhone 6 still the phone of your dreams?