Obamacare Subsidies To Be Saved By Republicans In Congress?

GOP senators have set up a working group to find a solution to what could become a problem if the Supreme Court strikes down federal Obamacare subsidies, Bryon York reports in the Chicago Sun Times. Could this effort by Republicans lead to the GOP in both houses of Congress saving Obamacare if the plaintiffs win before the Supreme Court in King vs. Burwell?

“It’s a difficult problem on several fronts. First, even in a victory scenario, nobody knows just what the court will do. Would subsidies stop immediately? After some period of time? Republican lawmakers don’t know any more than anyone else about what path the justices will choose,” York writes about the possibility that a court ruling in King vs. Burwell could gut Obamacare by stopping federal subsidies for those who signed up in states that did not create state Obamacare exchanges.

“We’re committed to helping the people who have been hurt by the health care law,” York quoted Republican Sen. John Barrasso, who is leader of the working group, and then further opined, “What that means is Republicans are going to find a way to continue paying subsidies to the estimated 7.5 million Americans who receive taxpayer-funded help to pay their insurance premiums through the federal Obamacare exchange.”

York also pointed out the political consequences of not extending the Obamacare subsidies, should the Supreme Court strike them down, are the reasons Republicans will, be believes, find a way to keep the Obamacare subsidies in place.

“Some of that pressure is being brought to bear, at least implicitly, by the justices themselves, who appear concerned over whether Congress can create a fully baked alternative plan if the court strikes down Obamacare subsidies for 8 million people,” The Hill reported today.

The Hill also reported that Republicans leaders in both houses of Congress are “nearing a consensus” on plans to continue the Obamacare subsidies if the Supreme Court sides with the plaintiffs in King vs. Burwell.

“Some Republicans have even said, albeit quietly, that the party could be better off if the administration’s policy survives the Supreme Court challenge,” The Hill suggested.

The Supreme Court decision in King vs. Burwell could stop the Obamacare subsidies for millions, the Inquisitr reported recently.

“It is perceived by many that the Supreme Court ruling, coming soon, on King v. Burwell could cripple Obamacare, the Washington Post reports today. The Supreme Court could strike down health care subsidies enjoyed by millions under the Affordable Care Act,” the Inquisitr reported.

[Image of Obamacare protest from The Hill]