‘GTA V’: PC Version Gets New Music, Extra Radio Station

Rockstar Games announced that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) will be getting some new music as well as a new radio station. According to reports, the new music will be composed by the original GTA V composers The Alchemist and Oh No, and will eventually be released as an album through retail outlets. These reports have also suggested that the album, titled Welcome to Los Santos, will feature songs from multiple genres.

Produced by by The Alchemist and Oh No, the composers of the original GTA V score, Welcome to Los Santos features several guest artists including Earl Sweatshirt, Little Dragon, Phantogram, Freddie Gibbs, Killer Mike, and more. The music will debut in GTA V for PC on a new radio station hosted by The Alchemist and Oh No, called “The Lab.”

The album is expected to be released through retail outlets on April 21, and you can listen to the first single from the album, titled “Play it Cool,” over on Soundcloud. Rockstar Games have also said that Welcome to Los Santos features music that covers every aspect of the GTA V world.

“The Alchemist and Oh No weave together a musical journey that covers every corner of the fictional world of ‘GTA V’ and features guests from across the musical spectrum–including Earl Sweatshirt, Little Dragon, Phantogram, Freddie Gibbs, Popcaan, Killer Mike, Tunde Adebimpe, and Samuel T. Herring (from Future Islands).”

The upcoming PC version of GTA V — which is set to be released in April — has already seen many members of the modding (modification) community come up with ideas as to what they can introduce to the game, as well as what they can improve from the console versions. This has inspired a GTA V mod called Los Santos Life, which will alter the way players interact with Los Santos in GTA V.

Some of the features planned for the Grand Theft Auto V mod are as follows.

  • Legal ways to make money, such as mining, treasure hunting, buying and trading stocks, and obtaining a job in the public or private sector.
  • Illegal ways to make money in ‘GTA V’ including robbing NPCs and other players, growing and selling contraband.
  • Gang territories to fight over
  • The ability to swap business cards with players and police officers.

Obviously, these mods aren’t currently under development, but it seems that GTA V may benefit a whole lot from the modding community.

[Image via Rockstar Games.]