Chris Brown’s Baby Mama’s Ex Threatens Him, Karrueche Makes Statement

Chris Brown‘s baby can hopefully calm his known-temper issues. If not, he may have a serious problem on his hands. His baby mama’s ex-husband isn’t having it.

Known for his run-in with Rihanna and his domestic violence dispute to follow, Chris is no stranger to anger management issues. The world knows this, he knows this, and so does Brown’s baby mama’s ex-husband. According to TMZ, the man’s name is Terry Avery. In an interview, Avery spoke out about Chris and his involvement with Nia.

“Terry says he and Nia were separated when she got knocked up… but since Avery knew it wasn’t his kid, he finally filed for divorce. He claims he had no idea the baby belonged to C.B.

“Avery tells us [TMZ] he’s aware of Chris’ notorious temper and says he better not lose it around Nia and the kids, or there will be repercussions.”

Though Brown certainly has a security entourage which protects him, sometimes you don’t know exactly who people know or what they’re capable of until it’s too late. Either way, it would probably be wise for Chris to take heed to her ex’s warning and watch his temper — not just for ego’s sake, but for his public image as well.

If you recently remember, because of that very thing, Brown wasn’t able to get into Canada for one of his sold-out concerts — the denial speculated from his criminal record. And with so many domestic abuse cases in the world, Chris — as a father — probably wouldn’t want to instill that image into his child’s mind as something that’s “okay.”

Believe it or not, people do get tired of drama when fed so much of it. Brown’s ex, Karrueche Tran, is one of those people. As the rumor mill churns, Chris has been calling her several times and won’t leave her alone, since the “I got a baby” news happened. That’s not information a current companion would like to hear, when it’s not that companion’s anyway.

Chris Brown's Baby Mama Drama Is Too Much For Karrueche Tran - She's Out
Credits: Noam Galai | Getty Images

And it seems that Brown is gaining no redemption with her. TMZ caught up with Tran at Craig’s in Los Angeles and gathered the following information.

“As we reported… although Chris wanted to have babies with her, she held out until they got hitched, which apparently will not happen now that Chris accidentally found another baby mama.”

Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me.

— Karrueche Tran (@karrueche) March 4, 2015

As can be seen from Brown’s recent threat/warning about his temper, drama is already ensuing. Thus, Tran is sticking to her decision.

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