‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: The Charming Family Secret Could Change Everything

Once Upon a Time will air an all-new episode on ABC tomorrow night, and there are now new spoilers for fans of the series to think about before the episode airs. Charming and Snow have been hiding a huge secret from Emma, and that secret may soon see the light. The arrival of Maleficent will put everyone in danger, and a preview for this week’s episode does show Snow begging the evil one to not her hurt family.

Entertainment Weekly shared some major Once Upon a Time spoilers on Friday, and this secret could push Emma closer to Regina and her own dark side. Emma’s darkness was revealed as the reason the evil beast was attacking the town on the last episode. The beast was not coming after Regina.

The family secret will play a big role on this week’s episode.

“Snow and Charming will struggle with whether to tell their daughter the truth during Sunday’s episode. ‘[Emma’s] done a lot of growing over the three and a half seasons, so what happens when you find out that the person that was helping you grow might actually be as bad as the people you were trying to get away from?’ executive producer Edward Kitsis says. The secret could actually push Emma closer to Regina. “Given what Emma is starting to go through and what Regina has gone through, there’s a new common ground between the two characters that will help build on that friendship,” executive producer Adam Horowitz says. ‘In addition to Henry, they now have something else they can share and deal with.'”

Things had been looking up for Emma Swan after losing Neal last season. She is finally in a good place with Hook, she is accepting her powers, and she has her family around her. However, she will start to get suspicious.

Fans wondering about Hook’s new friendship with Belle have no need to worry that the two will form a relationship that goes beyond friendship, according to TV Line. Fans will see Belle get closer to Will Scarlett while Gold is away though. Edward Kitsis teased a bit about the pair to the news outlet.

“Anytime you have your heart broken, you look for a way to smile again.”

As for Hook, fans will learn more about his past with one of the new villains in town. He has a past with Ursula that will come out in a future episode. It was a soul crushing experience for Hook.

What do you think Snow and Charming are hiding from Emma on Once Upon a Time?

[Photo: ABC]