Paraplegic Ice Hockey Brawls: more common than you think (video)

Ice hockey is a tough game, and it’s even tougher when you don’t have legs. Paraplegic ice hockey though is a thriving sport, with local and international competitions.

In paraplegic ice hockey, also known as sledge hockey, players sit on a specially-designed sled that allows for maximum movement and control. The set up allows for fast play, although obviously closer to the ground that traditional ice hockey. What is perhaps surprising (or not surprising really) is that this set up also allows for brawls between players.

A sledge hockey game between the United States and Canada turned ugly Wednesday Feb 25 when an American player crashed into the Canadian goalie in the final seconds of Canada’s 2-1 win.

An all in brawl followed, with players throwing punches in a tangle of sleds. Here’s the paraplegic ice hockey brawl video:

(via SbB)