Jada Pinkett Smith Plans ‘Gotham’ Exit, Admits Filming ‘Magic Mike’ Made Her Want To Procreate [Video]

Jada Pinkett Smith made a surprise announcement about her highly acclaimed Gotham role. Although the 43-year-old actress was careful not to cast any shade on the show in which she currently stars, Jada revealed that one season of playing Fish Mooney is enough, reported Variety.

The farewell-to-Fish revelation came during her appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael, when the hosts questioned her plans to return for Season 2.

“I don’t think so, no. I signed for a year, and the year is up. But, there are some great things coming ahead on Gotham — believe you me, there’s a lot of good stuff coming.”

Producers of the show released an official announcement after Jada’s comment, focusing only on the first season rather than discuss her departure from the show.

“Fish Mooney’s storyline takes a lot of interesting twists and turns into the finale of Season 1 of Gotham.”

Did Jada decide that playing a comic book-style character isn’t cool? Not so, insisted the wife of Will Smith, claiming that she was having a good time.

“I get to play a character who gets to do extreme things. She’s evil — that’s always fun. I’m having a good time.”

But Jada apparently had an even better time filming Magic Mike XXL, reported AZ Central. Playing a strip club owner in the sequel that again features Channing Tatum, Jada confessed that she had an extreme reaction to seeing the mostly unclad male actors.

”You know how you guys are always telling us how you have two heads and how they think at the same time; they think differently,” said Jada on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

”So I walked onto my set for the first time – my club. At my club it’s just… ten, eleven, twelve chocolate men getting greased down by the make-up department and literally I walked onto the set and my knee buckled. And for the first time in my life, that other head below started talking to me, ‘Procreate, procreate, procreate.’ And my top head was like, ‘Jada, there is not a Will Smith on this set. You can’t procreate with nobody.'”

How does filming a movie like Magic Mike impact Jada’s marriage to Will? As the Inquisitr reported, Will confessed that the two struggle with being a working couple in Hollywood.

“The problem is one person is in work mode while the other person is in chill mode. Then it’s like you’re both trying to come up.”

And while Jada appeared in some suggestive scenes with her co-stars in Magic Mike, Will had his own sexual encounters of the movie kind in Focus with Margot Robbie.

“It’s kind of a nice voyeuristic way to see your man, but I am kind of weird in that way. That’s a whole other conversation,” confessed Jada.

[Photo By Kevin Winter/Getty Images]