WWE News: Big Update On Bill Demott's Departure From WWE, NXT Roster Rejoices And WWE Names New Head Trainer

Joe Burgett

The biggest story of the week was clearly the Bill Demott saga in WWE. Demott was the head WWE NXT trainer responsible for training all the stars we've seen come out of NXT for the last number of years. There were many who liked him, but far more who did not. In fact, it is said that those who brought up an issue with Bill while they were with WWE were fired. So it isn't like many who have sour grapes are just now coming forward. They did so while under WWE contract.

The allegations against Demott are quite staggering. Allegations range from abusing injured talent and making some jump off ropes nude to using racial and homophobic slurs, and that's just the half of it. Demott stepped down from his position with WWE yesterday effective immediately. Whether or not this was forced is currently unknown. However, many believe this was the case as allegations continued to flood in from several people who came in contact with him. Even former WWE Superstar and current TNA roster member EC3 chimed in on the matter.

According to Daily Wrestling News and PWInsider, this is why the NXT roster is rejoicing over the news of Demott's departure. The man taking over Demott's duties on an interim basis is Matt Bloom, known to many fans as Tensai and Albert in his WWE time. The former WWE Intercontinental and Tag Team Champion has been a trainer with WWE for some time now. He is well liked by many within NXT, so most will probably fight for him to keep the job.

There are some who believe that he will be replaced by a permanent head trainer, but it is unknown who that will be as of now. Some online are pulling for Bubba Ray Dudley to take over the spot while others are hoping Lance Storm will do so. Both already have schools where they train various students, so they most likely won't be the ones who get the spot. Bloom is the obvious choice unless they want to send Joey Mercury back down who is also well liked by the NXT roster.

It was said that Triple H wanted to reassign Demott some time ago when he took over the developmental system. Sadly, his hands were tied. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon liked Demott and had his vote of confidence. That said, while Triple H wanted to get this out of the way before it became an issue, Vinny Mac blocked that from happening. That seems to be a growing trend these days, so you'd imagine Vince might listen to his son-in-law a bit more.

It was said as of a few days ago that Vince had lost confidence in Demott and considered him a liability. So at that point it was seen as a sign that Demott would be replaced. Bill is not only out of the WWE Performance Center, he is completely gone from WWE.

WWE sent out a statement in support of Demott earlier last week, but due to the continued allegations, it seemed that if they didn't remove Demott from his training position, there would be a riot of some sort. That immense pressure is most likely why Demott "stepped down" from his position. Currently, there is no sign of Bill returning to WWE or even a door being left open in the future.

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