Workout Clothes Designed By Carrie Underwood Look Cute For The Gym And Beyond

Carrie Underwood had a week full of new beginnings. The biggest one, of course, was the arrival of new baby boy, Isaiah Michael Fisher, on February 27. Just days after becoming a new mom, she also launched her new line of workout clothes. Calia by Carrie Underwood arrived on the fitness scene March 5, and will be exclusively sold at Dick’s Sporting Goods and online.

The country superstar — known for her elegant style — says she was inspired to design the line of workout gear because she saw a need for workout clothes women could feel good wearing from the gym to running errands or even just lounging around.

“The inspiration for this line came from my desire to have clothes that seamlessly take me from workouts, to errands, to rehearsals, and beyond. As someone who is passionate about health and fitness, I’m excited to offer women a wardrobe that will move with them and encourage them to stay the path of leading an active lifestyle.”

No stranger to the gym, Underwood notes she really wanted the mix and match line to be both functional and stylish.

“I consider myself to be a pretty hard worker in the gym. The high performance things aren’t pretty. And then the super pretty things don’t last a long time or don’t do what I need them to do. So there is a big gap.”

Carrie recently chatted with Glamour about the new workout clothes, diet, fitness, and more. She expressed how thrilled she is about her partnership with Dick’s Sporting Goods.

“On our first meeting I was so excited because it was a room full of women. I was like, ‘You have no idea how refreshing it is!’ Cause I swear sometimes I’ll buy things and it’s like, this was made by a man, designed by a man…so I was so excited to see women of all ages and body types and different places in their lives working on this together.”

She also said she loves to vary her own workout routine which includes running, yoga, barre, squats, and lunges. When asked about her least favorite workout move, she admitted she hates burpees, but knows “they’re so good for you.” She’s not a fan of pull-ups either, but said “they’re worth it.” Underwood mentioned she’s worked out for years, and was able kept it up during her pregnancy with some adjustments, like not being able to run as much. She said she was active even as a kid by playing softball and basketball.

The partnership between Carrie Underwood and Dick’s Sporting Goods takes advantage of a growing trend in women’s athletic gear — “athleisure.” According to Business Insider, this market is mostly made up of 20 to 30-year-old women who want workout clothes that will take them from the gym to errands to brunch.

Calia by Carrie Underwood joins Lululemon in targeting this demographic. Chief Executive Edward Stack of Dick’s Sporting Goods revealed that shelf space for Carrie’s workout clothes will be taken from Addidas and Reebok. Calia by Carrie Underwood offers athletic tops, bottoms, jackets and sweaters, bras and underwear, and accessories including yoga mats, bags, and water bottles.

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