‘Cute Mugshot Girl’ Busted For Shoplifting, Called The ‘Girl Jeremy Meeks’

She’s back, but this time, not by popular demand. Teenager Alysa Suguro Bathrick, aka the “Cute Mugshot Girl,” was arrested again. Police say Alysa Bathrick, known for stirring up the internet months ago from her cute mugshot, was busted on a shoplifting charge, wrote the Huffington Post. Some call her the “girl Jeremy Meeks.” More on that later.

Arrest records show that Bathrick, 18, was jailed Monday stemming from accusations that she took part in shoplifting by way of concealment of goods. Apparently, the trouble began in an unknown retailer on January 26, where the photogenic girl is suspected of concealing items without the intention to pay. The only notice of her incarceration was a retweet from a user on the social media site.

Alysa’s tepid demeanor was a far cry from her first run-in with the law, when she posted a rather cute girl mugshot of herself last year that got a lot of people’s motor running. It’s unclear if she was making light of her trouble with the law — some sources say she relishes the attention from her internet meme — but she took to social media and shared the news of her arrest with friends. Attached to the December 1 Twitter update was the girl’s “cute” arrest photo from the Wake County Detention Center.

Surrendered myself at 7 a.m., got released at 11:30 a.m. Fxxk what you heard. And my mugshot’s cute. #ftp pic.twitter.com/LyqHV7IInm — A (@_ahleesah) December 1, 2014

That time, the prolific tweeter latched on to her new-found fame after the photo from the detention center went viral and a frenzy ensued. In fact, she obliged fans by retweeting a mess of messages about her cute mugshot girl moniker. One user asked her about the nature of her arrest, and Alysa, without reservations, provided an abbreviated reply.

“Xanax homie.”

Another woman shot to stardom for her cute mugshot (shown here), but without as much pomp and circumstance as the North Carolina girl. Last year, ex-Jet Magazine “Beauty of the Wee,” Angela Coates was enshrined in the annals of attractive jail photos when she was cited in Dekalb County, Georgia, for unruly conduct.

However, the ultimate winner of the title of cute mugshots is Jeremy Meeks, who set the standard in good-looking outlaw photos. Meeks, as you may recall — in the spirit of comedian-turned-actor, Kevin Hart — “turnt up” when his mugshot appeared online after he was busted in California.

Meeks was arrested with others in a gang-related sweep by Stockton Police. The convicted felon, who spent time behind bars in 2002 for grand theft, was hit with a 27-month sentence this time around for weapons possession. His dreamy powder-blue eyes, chiseled bone structure, and teardrop tat got the attention of hundreds of thousands of fans on Facebook. A number of celebrities, like the cast from Orange is the New Black, got on the “likes” bandwagon.

Perhaps the cute mugshot girl is hoping to capitalize on Meeks’ success. The latest news suggests that the 30-year-old convict with the GQ magazine looks landed a lucrative modeling deal. His picture appears on the site operated by White Cross Management. Meeks was sentenced last month, but has eyes on an early release for good behavior.

[Photo credit: Twitter via EveryJoe]