PlayStation 4 System Software Update 2.5 With Suspend/Resume Feature Leaked

Playing a game on your Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita gives you the ability to instantly suspend the game and then resume it the next time you hit the power button or flip open the 3DS. Sony promised the same feature for the PlayStation 4 during its initial unveiling, but has been absent since the system’s launch. A screen capture on popular gaming forum site NEOGaf has given us the first sighting of this long awaited feature.

PS4 System Update 2.5 Suspend Resume

The original post on NEOGaf has since been edited, but the original image is still floating around the web as seen on the left. At the bottom, the main feature in the 2.50 update is listed as, “The system can now enter rest mode without closing any applications.” In practice, this means anyone playing a game can simply put the PS4 into a low power rest mode and pick up right where they left off without having to wait for the the system to boot up and relaunch the application.

The Xbox One currently features this suspend/resume feature, which allows you to put the system into a suspended state. When you press the power button on the system, the game or application will resume where it was previously.

A Sony spokesperson speaking to GameSpot stated, “The next PS4 system software update will be released soon, and its features are currently being processed for quality assurance. We will have more information on the update to share shortly.”

The Sony MVP program, which gamers can apply to be a part of here, allows owners of the PlayStation 4 to Beta test system updates before they are released to the general public. The program comes with a standard Non-Disclosure Agreement to prevent leaks like the one above from happening. This is obviously not a full proof solution.

A new feature set called “Accessibility” is also being added to the main settings section of the PlayStation 4 with the 2.5 system software update. The line in the screen capture states, “You can adjust accessibility settings such as zooming and button assignments.” There are gamers who suffer from mental and physical disabilities and many of them have custom built their own controller setups. While the platform holders will likely not make a specific controller for a specific subset of gamers who suffer from a a variety of situations, the ability to customize the controller may have the added benefit of helping left handed gamers erasing the buttons and sticks if the game they are playing doesn’t allow for a south paw configuration.

With the PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One as the Inquisitr has reported elsewhere, it is good to see the PlayStation 4 2.5 system software update bringing the consoles closer together in performance. The full list of changes is below as confirmed by Gematsu.

Main Features

  • The system can now enter rest mode without closing any applications. You can adjust this setting in [Power Save Settings] > [Set Functions Available in Rest Mode].
  • [Accessibility] has been added to [Settings]. You can adjust accessibility settings such as zooming and button assignments.


  • You an now delete trophies with 0% achievement progress.
  • [Earned Date], [Not Earned], and [Grade] have been added as sorting options for trophies. You can also sort by [Earned Date] and [Not Earned] options when comparing trophies with other players.
  • You can now search the Internet for details about trophies from the options menu in [Trophies].
  • Screenshots of scenes when you earn trophies are now saved automatically. You can view saved screenshots in [Capture Gallery].
  • You can now share trophy details and screenshots. Select the trophy you want to share details about in [Trophy], and then press the Share button.

Share Play

  • You can now test the host’s connection speed when starting Share Play.
  • You can now enjoy Share Play at 60 fps. A host in a party can adjust the setting in [Party Settings] > [Video Quality for Share Play] > [Frame Rate].
  • A user who is running version 2.50 or earlier on their system cannot use Share Play with someone who is running version 2.50 beta on their system. Users who are both running system software version 2.50 beta can enjoy Share Play.


  • Users who are your Facebook friends can now be displayed in [Players You May Know].
  • You can now send real name requests in addition to Friend requests to users who are currently not on your Friends list.
  • You can now apply a shadow style for text in [Themes].
  • You can now enter up to 140 characters for your self-introduction.
  • If you enter 22 characters or more for your self-introduction, only 21 characters will be displayed on a PS4 system running system software version earlier than 2.50.
  • You can now use the touch pad to operate playback of videos on discs.
  • [Discover] has been added to introduce users to PS4 system features. You can view information about features in [Notifications] > [Discover].
  • Remote Play cannot be used with a PS Vita system running version 3.35. A system software update for the PS Vita (to be released later) is required.

[Image Source | Shutterstock]