Watch Justin Bieber Nervously Await Egging In New Behind The Scenes Roast Promo

Justin Bieber’s upcoming Comedy Central Roast promos are an integral part of the hype-up for the polarizing superstar’s looming televised skewering — and, so far, the three that have been rolled out haven’t disappointed.

In a just-released and supposedly uncensored, behind-the-scenes video, we see glimpses of the shooting of the first jaw-dropping egging teaser, the bullseye tattoo sketch, and the latest spoof of Bieber’s much-derided Calvin Klein ads. The Roast Master General, Jeffrey Ross, narrates the proceedings, which were filmed a few weeks ago.

The insanely anticipated Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber is set to be taped in Los Angeles on March 14, in front of ticket-holding members of the public, the heartthrob, and the recently announced full lineup of celebrity roasters and comics.

These are: Roast Master Kevin Hart — who previously vowed to make the singer almost cry — Ross, Bill Cosby’s nemesis Hannibal Buress, lifestyle guru Martha Stewart, rappers Ludacris and Snoop Dogg, ex-basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, and the comedians Chris D’elia and Natasha Leggero. It looks as if SNL’s Pete Davidson will also play a part.

In the video, Ross is first seen hamming it up on a faux Calvin Klein set. In that promo, he plays a drag version of Bieber’s real life CK co-star, model Lara Stone.

Ross quips, “My b**** are a little bigger than hers.”

At one point, the comedian says, “I just gave Justin a tattoo of a bullseye on his back, ‘cos he’s gonna get roasted so hard.”

During the bullseye segment of the clip, Bieber — who previously tweeted that he was up for (but also “kinda scared”) about the incoming mocking — admits he is “a target for this roast.”

The highlight of this behind the scenes promo is watching Bieber just before he stands in front of a mechanized machine that fires eggs at his shirtless chest.

“Wish me luck,” the Canadian says to the camera, crossing his fingers before stepping into the firing line.

Justin Bieber Gets Pelted With Eggs In Comedy Central Roast Promo
(Photo: Justin Bieber Gets Pelted With Eggs In Comedy Central Roast Promo)

Seen without the softening effect of slow motion, the impact of the eggs on Bieber’s skin is hardcore. Towards the end, Ross shares his verdict on how prepared the singer is for the reckoning to come.

“He’s been a great sport today,” Ross praises, adding, “He knows what’s coming. He took the jokes really well, I think he’s ready to be roasted. I think this was a good warm-up.”

Upping the ante for the March 30-airing throwdown, he went on to say, “This might be the greatest roast in Comedy Central history, I’m excited.”

Continuing the momentum, Buress, Snoop Dogg, Ross, D’Elia, Hart, and Stewart posted tweets to Bieber. Of these, Stewart’s presents the most unknowable promise.

[Images via Comedy Central/The Wall Group]