Pregnant Kate Middleton Uses Holistic Diet And Beauty Regime Amid Royal Ruckus With Prince William And Charles

As Kate Middleton seeks for a healthy pregnancy, a royal ruckus has ensued with Prince Charles reportedly blocked from visiting with his grandson Prince George. And it’s not clear whether he blames his own son Prince William or Kate’s mom Carole Middleton, reported the Daily Mail.

“Of course, he acknowledges that the mother-daughter thing is natural, and he’s aware it’s likely to be just the same when the new baby arrives,” said an aide.

Why is William avoiding his dad? Turn back the clock to the royal scandal that occurred when Charles secretly enjoyed an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, In addition, Prince William feels that Charles chose to manipulate the media while sacrificing his own children, all in the name of recovering his reputation.

Now, while Charles battles William to see George, Kate is calmly sharing her royal diet and holistic beauty secrets, reported Us Weekly. And although few people know it, the Duchess of Cambridge even has private fitness sessions.

When it comes to diet, Kate believes in supplementing with vitamins, said an insider. After having extreme morning sickness during her first pregnancy, the Duchess of Cambridge has learned that supplements can make a difference.

“She took vitamin B6 when she was pregnant with George to help with nausea, especially when she was traveling,” said the source.

And Kate won’t sacrifice her baby’s health for beauty, added the insider. Instead, she uses DHA-free products to maintain her glow without endangering the future royal offspring.

And here’s a secret that might surprise those who think that being a member of the royal family means never sweating. Kate participates in regular exercise in the privacy of her exclusive Kensington Palace.

“She wants to snap back quickly post baby,” added the source.

Kate also uses natural oils to keep her skin smooth and prevent stretch marks, such as lavender and rosemary. And for those who were surprised by grey strands in her hair, the Princess refuses to sacrifice her baby’s health by having her usual hair dye treatments.

“Changing her hair color is the toughest sacrifice,” admitted the insider.

But while Princess Kate is sacrificing her hair color for her baby, her husband, Prince William, is sacrificing his relationship with his father, Prince Charles, for what he views as the proper environment for Prince George and future royal offspring, reported the Daily Beast.

Although the two have been feuding for a while, it all went public when Princess Kate and Prince William did not have Christmas dinner at the Queen’s royal home. And although Prince Charles is Will’s father, it’s Kate’s father whom he calls “Dad.”

In addition, as the Inquisitr reported, Kate Middleton has remained close to her mother, Carole, so much so that the sexy 60-year-old grandmother has become a sort of Supernanny for little Prince George.

Rather than stay with a member of the royal family after her first baby was born, Kate chose to stay at Carole’s family home, where she was joined by William. That Middleton family move provided both help from Carole and time for Prince William to use his paternity leave to form a close relationship with his new son, although it reportedly miffed royalty.

What do you think? Are Prince William and Kate Middleton wise to avoid Prince Charles and raise their children close to her family? Post your comments below.

[Photo By Oli Scarff/Getty Images]