First Look At Melissa Benoist As Supergirl: Do You Like The Costume?

On Friday afternoon, DC fans were finally given a first look at former Glee actress Melissa Benoist as Supergirl. The costume is definitely very fitting with the Supergirl costumes of the past while the darker color tones attempt to modernize it. The costume that Melissa will be wearing on the show was made by Oscar winner Colleen Atwood.

We’ve already seen Atwood’s work on the popular DC superhero show The Flash. When discussing the Benoist Supergirl costume with the Hollywood Reporter, the designer explained her thought process for bringing the look into the 21st century.

“In designing Supergirl, I wanted to embrace the past but more importantly, thrust her into the street-style action hero of today.”

Happy fans of Supergirl cannot stop gushing about the previewed look on Twitter.

Even actress Melissa Benoist wanted to share her enthusiastic first impressions.

However, not everyone was thrilled with the Supergirl preview. The reasons varied.

The Spreadit claimed that opinions about the costume were somewhat mixed.

According to the site, one angry DC fan tweeted, “This looks like a low budget production and poor casting that CBS is going to regret. Sooner or later they’ll cancel it.”

It’s clear that a good portion of the negative response has to do with the choice of actress and even DC working with CBS to bring Supergirl to the small screen.

Thus far, the greatest success obtained by DC in the form of popular TV shows is centered at the CW. Some fans resent that Supergirl will not be introduced as part of the existing small-screen universe being built on the CW.

Cinema Blend explained that CBS co-owns the CW alongside Warner Bros. And the network has not been blind to the popularity of superhero-themed shows. The network is apparently eager to have Supergirl on their channel, which enjoys higher ratings than the CW.

CBS Entertainment Chairman Nina Tassler spelled out the network’s enthusiastic plans for the Melissa Benoist-led show.

“I think we’re watching an evolution with regard to the way that superhero characters are portrayed. There’s a humanity. They’re flawed. There’s a relatability. For our network right now, what we did respond to was the [Supergirl character’s] humanity, the other characters in the show as well — the story trajectory and the character’s arc and growth.

“These are all things that made her just imminently relatable, and made the story exciting. We made a decision based on the pitch that we heard.”

The look of the Supergirl costume seems to reflect that aim, but fans will likely need an actual trailer or TV spot to get a stronger impression.

What did you think of the first look at Melissa Benoist as Supergirl? Are you impressed, or do you think that someone else would have made the outfit work?

[Image Credit: Melissa Benoist/Warner Bros. Television]