Boy Wearing Christian Grey Costume Excluded From School Festival In Latest Trouble Caused By ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

A boy wearing a Christian Grey costume to his school’s World Book Day, showing that the controversial Fifty Shades Of Grey continues to get people in trouble.

The latest tale comes from the U.K., where 11-year-old Liam Scholes was excluded from festivities at Sale High School when he dressed up like the eccentric billionaire with questionable tastes. The school had invited students to dress up like characters from books, but apparently when the boy chose a Christian Grey costume it was too much for administrators to handle.

School officials reportedly made a suggestion to Liam for another character, one his mother found quite ironic.

“They told him he had to change his character, that he had to be James Bond, who is actually very promiscuous and kills people,” said Nicola Scholes.

Nicola added that there were other offensive costumes during the school’s World Book Day, including one teacher dressed as a serial killer, yet for some reason they decided that the boy wearing a Christian Grey costume was the one who was “offensive.”

This isn’t the first time that Fifty Shades Of Grey has gotten someone in big trouble. The movie and its racy depiction of the relationship between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele have prompted audiences into some very, very naughty behavior.

In Las Vegas last month, the Erotic Heritage Museum hosted a Fifty Shades Of Grey event described as “an homage to kink on Valentine’s Day.” But one couple took it a little bit too far tried to sneak away to have sex in what they thought was an unoccupied room.

It turned out that there were security cameras in the room, and security officers soon contacted staff members to break up the tryst. TMZ even published a video of the pair getting caught in the act.

Though shocking, that may not have been the most disgusting Fifty Shades Of Grey-related incident. A woman attending a screening in Milton Keynes, England, was so drunk that she lost control of all bodily functions, spewing vomit and feces all over the theater floor.

“We all expected to see Christian Grey gag 
Anastasia as part of the plot,” said one witness. “We certainly didn’t 
expect to be gagging ourselves because of the stench. She lost control of 
everything, including all bodily 
fluids. The whole cinema stank.”

The boy wearing the Christian Grey costume may be the most unfortunate case of all. Liam’s mother said he never actually read the racy Fifty Shades Of Grey book or saw the film.

[Image via Mirror]