Powerball Winning Numbers For March 7: Are You The $100 Million Jackpot Winner?

For those that think it’s not worth playing the Powerball when the jackpot is down around $40 million or $50 million, then you’re in luck. The jackpot hasn’t been won in a number of weeks and it’s brought the jackpot up to $100 million so maybe that’s more to your liking. Check the Powerball winning numbers to see if you were a winner for the March 7 drawing.

This past Wednesday night, the jackpot had grown to $90 million and no one was able to match all five white ball numbers and the red Powerball number. With that result, it was able to rise once again.

Here are the winning numbers for March 7: 34, 36, 38, 42, 50 with a Powerball of 33. Power Play was at 4X.

With a jackpot of $100 million, it is possible that you could get a bigger amount by taking your winnings in payments. If you’re looking to take it as a lump sum cash payment, then you’re going to be taking home a $66.3 million amount, and that’s nothing to be upset about.

If you check your numbers and see you didn’t win the big jackpot, don’t get discouraged just yet. There are other prizes to claim as well.

WTVR stated that there was a ticket sold in Palmyra, Virginia, that matched the five white balls in Wednesday night’s drawing. That was good for a $1 million prize, but they purchased the Power Play for an extra dollar, and it raised their prize to $2 million.

“Whoever has this winning ticket has 180 days from the drawing date to claim the prize,” a Virginia Lottery spokesman said in a statement. “The Virginia Lottery advises that before doing anything else, the winner should immediately sign the back of the ticket to establish ownership. When the person is ready to claim the prize, he or she should contact the Virginia Lottery.”

CT News reported that a man from Danbury, Connecticut, won a $1 million Powerball prize with a ticket he purchased in a cigar shop. Jose Medrano is a regular at Ed’s Cigar Box, but owner Pritesh Patel says he hasn’t been seen since confirming he won.

“You know how it is – money changes people. This is big news for Danbury because I don’t think anyone in the city has ever won a $1 million Powerball.”

The jackpot had gotten up to $100 million for Saturday night’s drawing, and everyone was rushing out to get their last-minute tickets. The Powerball winning numbers could end up matching yours, and if so, then you’re probably a lot happier now.

[Image via Powerball]