Drake Lyrics App: Fan Reviews Give ‘Feels’ And ‘Random’

Have you ever thought the way to their heart was through a lyric from Drake? If you need Drake lyrics on standby and ready to go as the next perfect text, there is now an app just for you. Called the Drizzy app, you can use it for any situation that requires a little extra Drake-ness. Sadly, this app cannot tell you if there is a fake Drake show in your city.

Is the new Drake lyrics app any good? Vibe reviewed the Drake app and said that they appreciated that the lyrics are separated by situations “from ‘exes’ to ‘hustle’.” Are there any catches to the Drake lyrics app? Apparently. Vibe states the following as a warning to some that may want to download the Drake lyrics app — but do not have the right devices.

“If you’re an iOS user, you can download the Luc Succès and Regy Perlera-curated feature via iTunes and get in your feelings before cuffing season is over.”

The Drizzy app has lyrics from Drake’s two latest albums: Thank Me Later and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Basically, they have plenty of lyrics in this app to express a wide range of Drake-related emotions. But could more lyrics be included later — once the Drake lyrics app becomes more popular? Time will tell.

Need to know more about the Drake app? When Bustle did their review of the Drake app, they said, “Thanks to the Drizzy Keyboard, iPhone app, you can insert Drake lyrics into text messages just as easily as you can pick an emoji.”

PaperMag gave a more extensive review of the Drake app and said it was officially called the Drizzy App but its practical name was the Drake Keyboard app since it turns your keyboard into Drake lyrics. PaperMag‘s review included delight for the range of emotions available in the app so you can sort through various Drake lyrics. Their favorites were “feels, hate, and random.”

What are fans saying about the new Drake lyrics app? So far, Twitter fans of Drake are online and boosting their support of the new lyrics app. However, @AbruptStop was quick to point out that they were a true fan and stated, “not sure if this qualifies as bragging but I don’t need an app to reply with Drake lyrics”

You can download the new Drake lyrics app, aka Drizzy Keyboard app, here at the Apple iTunes Store.

i got an app that sends drake lyrics to your friends it’s life changing pic.twitter.com/OI1WLJQRBJ

— lana (@tfwlana) March 7, 2015

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