MRI Machine Explodes Oradell: 3 Injured, One In Critical Condition After Unit Blows Up

An MRI machine exploded at Oradell Animal Hospital in Paramus, New Jersey, on Friday. Three people were injured in the explosion that was strong enough to make part of the roof cave in. The incident happened around 12:15 p.m., Fox News NY reports.

With the help of firefighters, several animals consisting of dogs and cats were evacuated into another building nearby as workers moved them on stretchers.

The wounded workers were taken to Hackensack University Medical Center with one listed in critical condition.

Three maintenance workers were repairing the MRI machine before it exploded at Oradell. According to the report, helium was released into the air and that’s when a portion of the roof collapsed.

CBS Local in New York reports that 60 animals in all were evacuated out of the veterinarian facility.

Oradell Animal Hospital owner Dr. Coleman Palminteri said he was driving up when the MRI machine blew up. He says it’s an old unit and it was being disassembled so a new one could be installed. Luckily, none of the animals or staff were injured in the blast because they were located in a different section of the building. Four animals that had been in critical condition from medical procedures were transferred to other hospitals. Some of the animals’ owners also rushed to the hospital.

Oradell pet owner Deborah Hastings was with her two dogs in one of the examination rooms when the MRI machine exploded.

“Everybody was kind of scared, you know? People were very nervous, and kind of, you know, quite upset. I don’t know if they had to leave their dogs in there or not. Certainly dogs on stretchers and oxygen tanks and stuff.”

Hastings said everyone was gathering out front where several dogs were on stretchers. Everybody “had an attendant,” she said.

Hastings wrote on her Twitter feed that everyone was moving across the street to Home Depot for the time being.

Paramus Police Chief,Kenneth Ehrenberg confirms that helium was released after the explosion, but he was unable to explain what caused the explosion.

It’s unclear when everyone will be allowed back inside the building. An investigation is being conducted in the case.

North Jersey reports that 100 employees work at the animal hospital. Everyone is relieved no one else was hurt in the blast. It could have been much worse.

The MRI machine that exploded at Oradell was 10-years-old, NJ reveals.

[Photo Credit: Debby Hastings/Twitter]